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Spring Preview: Defensive Backs

Warren (So)
S. Brown (Jr)
Stewart (rSr)
Trent (rSr)
Harrison (Sr)
Rogers (So)
Chambers (So)
Dutch (rSr)
Cissoko (Fr)
Williams (rFr)
Smith (Fr)
Woolfolk (So)

In Scott Shafer's presumably blitz-happy defensive scheme, Brandon Harrison will probably remain at designated-blitzer-defensive-back-guy. The starting safeties will be the biggest item of interest. Stevie Brown will probably be free (and will be better than he looked against App State, I promise), but will Charles Stewart be strong, or can a younger guy step up? I also wonder if Michael Williams has finally worked out all of his health issues.

Looking at this depth chart, it's somewhat surprising to see how big a DB class came in last year (and how few of them redshirted).

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“Spring Preview: Defensive Backs”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Looks good, except Stevie Brown is a Junior