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Michigan v. Iowa Liveblog: Big10 Tourney

I can only blog the first half, but hopefully it turns out like last time I was only able to blog half of a game against Iowa.

12:04 PM Tipoff is won by Iowa.
18:10 1H Iowa finally draws first blood on a drive to the hoop. Udoh get some post points to answer.
17:30 1H Iowa misses another open look for three. Michigan has given up a couple of those, they're lucky Iowa hasn't capitalized.
16:57 1H Another open Iowa look that Michigan is lucky they missed. Udoh draws the loose-ball foul on the rebound,
16:21 1H Michigan gets his first lead of the game on a Manny Harris jumper. Michigan forces Iowa to run down the clock and take a DEEP three that is missed.
14:34 1H Michigan's strong man defense puts a lot of pressure on the ball, forcing a turnover. Anthony Wright capitalizes on the other end with three. The defense is looking good other than the giving up of open threeball looks earlier.
14:33 1H Timeout. 10-4 Michigan.
13:41 1H Iowa nails a threeball, then there's a TV timeout on a Michigan foul when the Hawkeyes get the ball back. 10-7 Michigan.
12:37 1H More strong man defense from Michigan leads to a Hawkeye turnover. Deshawn Sims hits a jumper on the break. Fortunately for the Wolverines, Iowa is stone cold from the floor.
12:03 1H Three ball is good for Manny Harris. After a couple more missed Iowa FGs, Deshawn Sims is fouled rebounding the ball.
TV Timeout. 15-7 Michigan 11:39 1H.
11:25 1H Manny Harris comes of the dribble-handoff screen and nails a fairly deep three. Michigan 4-7 from the arc. More good defensive pressure from Michigan. They knock the ball out of bounds with 12 of the shot clock and Michigan steals off the inbound, leading to more Manny Harris points.
9:56 1H Iowa gets a switch off a screen, adn Freeman uses a nice stepback move on Anthony Wright.
9:30 1H David Merritt makes an appearance!
9:10 1H Commentator notices that Michigan is showing much more hustle. the 22-9 lead is certainly evidence of that.
8:43 1H Where was this defense all year? Obviously the poor shooting so far by Iowa has helped, but Michigan is causing turnovers left and right. this time, it's a 3-second violation.
7:52 1H Really nice play by Iowa to get Michigan scrambling, then a fake shot to feed down low for an easy deuce.
22-11 Michigan 7:23 1H.
7:01 1H Not a great offensive foul called, drawn by Ekpe Udoh. I'll take it. Deshawn Sims gets a three on the other side.
6:19 1H A better call this time, as Justin Johnson's shoulder is lowered and the forearm extended. You really don't want to get an offensive foul that far from the basket.
5:35 1H Loose ball foul on Iowa, though I think the play should have been called out of bounds off the top of the backboard first.
4:43 1H Michigan is coming back to its regular form, as they turn it over for the second consecutive trip down the floor. Iowa is getting a chance to stay in this game. An and-1 for the Hawks does just that.
4:25 1H The first free throw for either team is missed. Manny Harris gets a deep 2 on the other end.
TV Timeout. 3:54 1H 27-15 Michigan. Iowa shooting 2 when we get back.
3:15 1H Cyrus Tate heads to the foul line once more. This time it was a pretty bad call, as Ekpe Udoh kept his arms completely vertical the whole time. Tate gets both.
2:55 1H Ekpe Udoh's second foul comes on an illegal screen. Michigan's at-least-once-per-game scoring drought has begun.
2:24 1H Zach Gibson ends the drought with authority, getting a big dunk and the foul. He does work on the other end as well, accepting a charge from Tony Freeman.
1:53 1H Michigan's strong defense again forces a bad shot by Iowa. The ricochet of the rim ends up out of bounds, off the Hawkeyes.
1:08 1H Gibson nearly blocks a runner off the glass, but it drops for Iowa, and they are back within 8.
0:39 1H Offensive rebound, true hustle play by Gibson. Tate fouls Deshawn Sims. He'll shoot 1-and-1.
0:18 1 H after a good half of defense, Michigan lets a three ball shooter get wide open again, and this time Iowa capitalizes. Zach Gibson finishes the half with a field goal.
Halftime. Michigan leads 34-25.

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“Michigan v. Iowa Liveblog: Big10 Tourney”