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Also, "sideline" reporter Charles Clinton's now-famous work at the game.

Charlie's work prompted this reaction from a UNO message board:
I don't think Patrick Roy or Dominik Hasek in their prime could have saved UNO tonight. In fact, I think the Weasels could have pulled Sauer at the start, gone 6-on-5 the whole night and won 18-5. UNO's only hope was that Sauer would have switched places with Charles, the WOLV-TV "sideline" reporter. Sauer probably would have been more informative on the webcast, and UNO might have scored enough goals against the reporter to make the game a little more competitive.
The Blog that Yost Built offered the following reaction:
Poor Charles. He did kind of have "Boom goes the dynamite" potential though. At one point, I believe his report was, "Eric Elmblad is playing in his first game tonight. He had a nice hip check, though a penalty was called on the play. He really hasn't done anything else. Back to you."
Poor Charles, indeed. If you want to see better examples of his work, check out his blog.

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  1. Blogger Packer487 Says:

    You officially win at the Internet for having that clip.

    I really regret not doing WOLV-TV when I was in school. I did play by play for a few Michigan volleyball broadcasts on MGoBlue and had an absolute blast. Definitely harder than it looks.

  2. Blogger kowisja Says:


    i fa.... fail. [look down and over] its, kolarik replaced kolarik.