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Rich Rodriguez spoke at halftime of the basketball victory over Ohio State yesterday.


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  1. Blogger Charles Says:

    Rich Rod should've made a prediction.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Was that bucky hecklers?

  3. Blogger Maize Says:

    RR doesn't need to make any predictions. All he has to do is get the team prepared to dominate every football team. The teams actions will speak louder than any words.

    To a future of Wolverine Domination!
    GO BLUE!

  4. Blogger Jeremy Says:

    No, he did the right thing here. We define neither our season nor our coaches' legacies on the Ohio State game. Tressel pandered and threw red meat to the lions; that's their MO, not ours.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Enjoy the loser!

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    He couldn't even beat 28 point underdog Pitt and you think he can beat TOSU....lol

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Tressel couldn't beat unranked (and waxed by UM) Illinois. What makes you think he'll beat RR?

  8. Blogger Derek Says:

    That was a magical "Beat those Buckeyes" chant. Magical.

  9. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    If LC has beaten tosu the last 4 years, would he have been retired this year? If RR loses the next 4 to tosu, will he have a 5th year?