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Coaching Search a Time to be Proud of Michigan Fans

Arrogant. Detached. Dispassionate. Michigan fans.

Fans of other schools have always criticized Wolverines for simply not caring as much as they should. With the largest stadium in the nation, Michigan should have the largest home-field advantage. Instead, the fans sit on their hands, dropping Michigan below (at least) Ohio State and Penn State in its own conference. Despite Lloyd Carr’s recent struggles, there was little public clamoring for his head (regardless of what national media like to assume was happening, and decide to state as fact). All points to a Michigan fanbase that is exactly as its detractors claim: They just don’t care.

However, 2007 changed everything. Lloyd Carr’s Wolverines lost their season opener. Again, Michigan would be removed from national title consideration by the end of September. Oh yeah, that loss came to 1-AA Appalachian State. Carr, previously invincible because of his national championship pedigree, started to hear some calling for his resignation. A blowout loss to the Oregon Ducks only heard the calls intensify.

Were Michigan fans actually showing some passion for their school?

Fast forward to November 19th. Two days after his fourth consecutive loss to Jim Tressel, Lloyd Carr announced his retirement. He was heaped with praise for all that he did for Michigan, while fans acknowledged that it was time for him to move on.

When it became clear that Les Miles may be interested in the Michigan job (no, not in 2001, but when it actually became available), fans knew who they wanted to lead the Wolverines back to perennial Big Ten titles and National Championship game appearances: the man in Baton Rouge. After two weeks of posturing, it appeared inevitable that Miles would rule Bo Schembechler’s kingdom.

Then it all fell apart. Following ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstriet’s assertion that Miles would accept the job, the LSU coach held an impromptu press conference prior to the SEC title game to announce that “I'm the head coach at LSU. I will be the head coach at LSU. I have no interest in talking to anybody else.” Michigan fans, long criticized for their disinterest did something novel: they flipped the fuck out.
Fans called for the head of Bill Martin, and demanded that Lloyd Carr step away from the coaching search. They organized marches against Martin, and even started an online petition in favor of Miles, where more than 1000 people have pledged more than 100,000 total dollars if Miles is the next coach at Michigan.

While there have been some ad hominem attacks of Carr Martin, and even Miles, the Michigan fan base if finally showing a passion for Wolverines football. Without going batshit insane like Arkansas fans, the maize and blue clad supporters have shown they really care. Now it’s time to prove that on game day as well.

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“Coaching Search a Time to be Proud of Michigan Fans”