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Saturday Night Musings

Wondering what Paul and I were talking about Saturday night? Here is your chance to find out. Moderately edited version of our conversation follows.

LSU v. Kentucky

Paul: that [LSU/Kentucky] was a crazy game
Tim: yeah
Tim: i can't decide if i'm happy about the result or not
Paul: i now have no clue what my ballot will look like
Tim: no joke
Tim: i probably have osu #1
Tim: cal #2 [pre-Cal loss]
Paul: les miles threw rock
Tim: yeah
Tim: which is what lloyd haters hate
Tim: but...
Tim: i guess he is a true michigan man
Paul: kentucky wasn't exactly paper against rock all game
Tim: truf

Play-by play Announcers

Tim: cbs announcers are terrrrrrrrible
Paul: i don't hate verne
Paul: that would be like hating your grandpa
Tim: they are frontrunners to promote the SEC. Whoever is winning is doing so because they are just that much more awesome than the almost equally-awesome team they are beating
Tim: i'm going to be honest
Tim: the SEC, Pac 10, and big 10 are about the same on a multi-year basis
Paul: yeah
Tim: =-o
Paul: and also... there's no way to compare conferences
Tim: the SEC thing comes from an exclusive-ish contract
Tim: because CBS promotes the SEC like its their job
Tim: whereas ABC/ESPN is split amongst all conferences
Tim: pac-10 gets bonus cred from the fox thing, but not much
Tim: when BTN is national, B10 will get more respect [I believe this to be inevitable ay this point]
Paul: i watched a bit of the nd game
Tim: yeah
Tim: ND sucks
Tim: BC was unimpressive
Paul: nbc seemed to be thinking "fuck. first hockey, now this"
Tim: yeah
Tim: they were still pathetic ND homers though
Tim: per usual
Paul: i only get so mad at the homerish
Paul: i mean...
Paul: it's basically like the announcers on fsn for the tigers
Tim: yeah
Paul: if they only cover one team... i guess it's allowed
Tim: but vastly different
Paul: it's that it's a national network rather than an rsn
Tim: because FSN uses tigers-specific people
Tim: nbc is a national network
Tim: and should theoretically be bias-less
Paul: i bet a vast majority of their audience (esp. this year) appreciates the bias
Paul: and if they were non-biased, they would be accused of hating
Tim: haha espn throws hart a bone in heisman race
Tim: in case you aren't watching ak/auburn
Tim: ak being my hilariously erroneous "arkansas" abbreviation, rather than its accurate "alaska" abbreviation

Michigan Injuries

Paul: any word on mhart's condition?
Tim: he's fine
Tim: was going to come out soon anyway
Tim: could have come back otherwise [prior to the high-ankle sprain news]
Paul: i kind of felt like it was a 30pt lead injury
Tim: and, apparently mouton isn't so much injured as he gets beaten out by chris graham
Tim: ouch
Tim: that's like getting beaten out by jason gingell
Paul: i know
Tim: sorry, bryan wright
Tim: but you suck
Paul: apparently wright has a groin injury
Paul: at least that's the excuse
Tim: really?
Paul: except he's doing kos
Tim: i had no idea
Tim: he's not having distance issues
Tim: which i would think would be the probem with an injury
Paul: i know
Tim: especially since an injury like that wouldn't last 8 weeks, without getting either better or worse
Paul: what happened with englemon?
Tim: ?
Paul: was it just "blow out- get him out?"
Tim: dunno
Paul: stevie was in with the rest of the 1st team
Tim: i didn't notice he went out
Tim: i think it's "try to prepare for the future" time
Paul: which could make sense for learning
Tim: in that particular case
Tim: i didn't feel like staying for the press conferences
Tim: so i don't know for sure
Paul: gotcha
Tim: but englemon was walking fine after the game
Tim: so i'd assume it's getting brown starting minutes
Paul: i bet it was learning
Tim: esp. considering he was really the starter at the beginning of the year
Paul: yeah
Paul: good choice...

Michigan Special Teams

Paul: what'd you think of our ko strategy?
Tim: especially since an injury wouldn't last 8 weeks
Paul: some kids behind me were bitching
Paul: yeah
Tim: i wasn't upset
Tim: when they are #2 in the country in yds/ko
Tim: plus the first one
Paul: by the way... zoltan has mind lasers
Tim: you do what you have to
Tim: it's an example that lloyd doesn't just throw rock while ignoring the results
Tim: zoltan has all sorts of lasers
Paul: this team has made so many adjustments throughout the season
Tim: including fuck lion lasers

The game itself

Paul: so do you ascribe to the "we're actually a pretty good team at this point" reasoning or the "purdue == straw man" argument?
Tim: a bit of both
Tim: though i definitely believe in each
Tim: so more like a lot of both
Paul: the thing is... michigan didn't just win
Tim: we could have put up 80 if we wanted
Paul: they were like, "I'll see your shellacking, and raise you a walloping, OSU..."
Paul: so... can we say that the D didn't give up one legit TD?
Tim: whether you give them a 6 yard drive or not, you still gave up a td
Tim: especially since you allowed them to tie the game
Paul: it was 4...
Tim: but the only legit td was definitely on the offense
Paul: yeah
Tim: sorry i was on the field where i couldn't see exactly how many yards


Tim: the crowd was actually pretty fucking good
Tim: especially for a blowout
Paul: it was pretty quiet after hart went out
Tim: hart went out when the game was long over
Paul: and when we couldn't find him after half
Paul: it's true
Paul: it was nice to have a full on wave in kind of garbagy time
Tim: yeah
Tim: and it was early 3rd too
Paul: it was nice to have garbage time


Tim: i hate comcast fyi
Tim: i fully intend to call and bitch at them wasted tonight
Tim: though BTN has them by the balls if they get the UM/MSU game
Paul: yeah
Tim: as both talent and the exec producer and producers think will happen
Paul: the comcast OD lady gave me the company line when i was talking to her
Tim: oh yeah?
Paul: yeha
Paul: i bit my tounge

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“Saturday Night Musings”