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Postgame thoughts: Purdue Edition

Here are some things that I noticed:
  • Joe Tiller was really, really unclassy in this game. He went out of his way to extend the game, potentially getting some guys hurt, so that it wouldn't look as bad on the bottom line.
  • If you think Henne is too quiet on the field, you should have heard the way he layed into Mario for dropping that hitch.
  • No highlight video this week, because the person I sent to film the game managed to lose the sideline passes before getting there. This also puts doubt on whether or not there will be one for the Minnesota game, in addition the last home game on the schedule (yes, that last home game on the schedule).
  • Geriatric cheerleaders are really awesome.
  • Apparently Jonas Mouton hasn't been too hurt to play, he just got beaten out by some guys who aren't very good.
  • I saw a sign in the student section for Hart4Heisman.com. Check it out.
  • Hart was walking around after his injury, so I don't believe it was that bad.
  • The student section (and the fans in general) was as loud as I've ehard it in a long time - maybe since Penn State '05. Is the fall break status a factor?

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“Postgame thoughts: Purdue Edition”