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Fred Smith Announcement set

Detroit Southeastern WR Fred Smith has set an announcement date. Smith, who is down to just the instate schools, has decided he will announce his college plans Sunday at 6 a his high school.

This is god news for Michigan, as he had previously been rumored to be leaning toward Michigan State. However, a Michigan visit, in conjunction with phone conversations with Sam McGuffie and Ryan Mallett, seemed to have pulled him back toward Michigan. Just as this change occurs, Smith moves up an announcement date that he had postponed just days earlier.

Smith is a four-star prospect, with good size at 6-3, 210. He has been written about in this space before, which you can see here. His family all favors Michigan, and he is a lifelong Michigan fan himself, who was swayed toward State with promises of early playing time and bringing up a flailing program. McGuffie and Mallett sold him on something far more important, however: winning.


“Fred Smith Announcement set”