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Recruiting Update: Fred Smith

Ironically, though I follow recruiting to a near religious degree, I rarely post about it on this here internet blogsite. This is for various reasons (i.e. what am I going to post that isn't either easily available elsewhere or premium information from a recruiting site). However, I'll hopefully start getting a little more recruiting info out there, starting with this piece on Detroit WR Fred Smith, in which he speaks glowingly of Michigan.

Interesting things: He holds a Michigan offer, and loved Michigan growing up (read: it's not unlikely he ends up a Wolverine). This article didn't appear in a Detroit paper, or even a Michigan paper, for that matter. Rather it is in USA Today, so maybe Smith is a higher-profile recruit than some are giving him credit for, especially since they say he is one of the top wideouts in the nation. However, in four batches of "elite wide receivers," Jim Stefani has yet to mention Smith, and he's not in Scout or Rivals early top lists.

However, at a 4.4 (reported) 40 time, and with his size (6-3, 215), he certainly has some potential.

SIDE NOTE: Don't forget to comment in the post below with your questions for spring practice.

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“Recruiting Update: Fred Smith”