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Big Ten Network Open House

Not a particularly illuminating event today, especially since there was a time crunch, but some interesting information nonetheless.

Big Ten Comissioner Jim Delany was there and bitched about SEC Speed for 20 minutes before BTN President Mark Silverman took the podium and gave interesting information. Some tidbits:

  • The Big Ten Network will never show infomercials.
  • To bitch at Comcast, call 1-866-WANT-B10, and they will be able to connect you to a live human.
  • People who go to events like this don't know how the cable industry works (Why don't you just let Comcast carry it for free?).
  • BTN will have both ESPN Classic-style straight replays of games, as well as produced pieces with interviews, etc. about past games.
  • During the summer, mostly academic (i.e. University-provided but non-sports) content will be played, except, presumably, for replays of events.
Paul was also there, so he'll probably give a little more insight later. Also, audio/video from the event is forthcoming, as is a bit of video from football media day.

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“Big Ten Network Open House”