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The Stadium Atmosphere

Soon, I'll be starting a series about things that I think need to be improved for the home field advantage and general atmosphere on Michigan gamedays to be improved. There will be a lot of overlap, so bear with me.

Michigan's current home field advantage is lacking, not only behind traditionally great stadiums like The Swamp and Death Valley, but also Big Ten rivals Ohio State and Wisconsin, and even Notre Dame.

While much of the blame is placed on the stadium's structure, there is much more to it than that. Notre Dame Stadium is a carbon copy of the Big House, but much smaller, and the advantage there is much better. It's a general attitude within the stadium and the fanbase in general that could be improved to help out.

Part One, featuring the band, will come tomorrow (unless there is some real news). The other parts will come whenever there is nothing more pertinent to post about.

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“The Stadium Atmosphere”

  1. Anonymous Ben (ben2811@netscape.net) Says:

    I disagree that notre dame's home field advantage is any greater than Michigan's.

    The student section can be loud, but so can Michigan's (and Michigan's is about 10K more populous). The rest of the stadium is old and church-ish, just like the Big House.

    There is no discernible "attitude" difference, unless you want to consider smugness of onlookers.