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Recruiting Update

The Boards: 2009 & 2010

2009 MI WR Cameron Gordon has received his offer (Sam Webb audio). I personally would like to see him end up in Ann Arbor, though Iowa should provide tough competition.

2009 NC OL Travis Bond has been added to the North Carolina squad for the Shrine Bowl.

How's this for a non-update from 2009 FL DB Angelo Hadley? His top 4 remains unchanged, and he will visit Michigan in January.
As has been the case for some time now, Hadley, whom Rivals.com rates as a three-star prospect, is still considering four schools: Florida, Georgia, Michigan and North Carolina... Hadley has taken an official visit to UNC and will trip to Michigan in January.
Among his favorites, Florida has not offered, and he can't set up an official until they do.

Class of 2009 visitors this weekend, courtesy of the Free Press and Sam Webb (audio):
December 6th:
Thomas Gordon
Teric Jones

Isaiah Bell
Fitzgerald Toussaint
Justin Turner

MI DT William Campbell
FL (via a JC in Mississippi) DE Pernell McPhee. The former Pahokee Blue Devil is a Mississippi State commit.
GA WR Jamal Patterson (Stanford commit).
PA WR Je'Ron Stokes (Tennessee commit). Canceled per Webb.

A bevy of information from the Chicago Sun-Times on 2010 prospects:
Loyola defensive end Chance Carter is giving up basketball to concentrate on football... To live up to his enormous potential, he must dedicate himself to football.
C.J. Fiedorowicz of Johnsburgh, a 6-7, 240-pounder with 4.5 speed, is a high-bred tight end in high school. That will be his position in college.
Christian Lombard of Fremd, at 6-6 and 285-pounds, is one of the best offensive linemen in the country. Colleges came in to evaluate him in the fall and bragged about him. He has great feet, is fundamentally sound, very mobile and makes few mistakes. He was offered by Iowa as a freshman. At last count, he had 29 offers.
Michigan is among those offers. He is one of the top OL targets in the 2010 class.

2010 OH LB Scott McVey seems to be blowing up a bit:
McVey certainly was among the best players on display during Ohio's showcase weekend of six state finals. His was the grand finale.

McVey was in on six sacks - four of them solo sacks - and hounded Elder quarterback Mark Miller on numerous other plays. He was credited with eight total tackles, but the numbers do not begin to tell the story of the 6-1, 220-pounder from South Euclid who spends his spring running over hurdles instead of through linemen.
His stock is on the rise. Might he be able to garner an offer soon? He now has one from the Buckeyes (info in header).

2009 GA LB Devekeyan Lattimore. He has a final 3 sans Michigan (info in header).
2009 GA S/QB Donavan Tate. Commits to North Carolina.

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“Recruiting Update”

  1. Blogger Bob Says:

    Tim, TomVH at Mgoblog was hinting that some big news is coming. Do you have any "inside" information or thoughts on what that might be?

    I assume it's recruiting news but could also be something else.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I am also very curios as to what is happening with Tom VH and his "Big" news... I am curious because "Big" news does not always equal "good" news, especially when nothing has gone right this year... If Will Campbell commits to LSU I may break down.

  3. Anonymous David Says:

    This is completely unrelated to the content of your post, and as more to do with the style. I don't know how effective the blogspot text editing tools are, but it would be incredible if you could use different colors for the different years in your recruiting posts. It would be much easier to quickly differentiate the two now that you've gone with a combined super-recruiting format.