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Programming Update

With the season over, there's obviously going to be a shift in the content of the blog, as there are no game or opponents to talk about.

There are a few season-wrapup posts that I'm planning on making, and some reasons to be optimistic (or otherwise) going into 2009. On top of those, I'll look at the similarities and differences between Michigan's 2008 season and some struggles by other programs in the recent past.

Once all that is through, it's time to delve (even deeper than normal) into recruiting. For the sake of consistent content, I'm going to start mixing 2009 and 2010 recruiting updates together, and having a singular "Recruiting Update" post that fills both categories. I'm also going to change up the style of the posts as well, so there is more information in the posts instead of "player name - brief with link" repetition.

The new recruiting posts will be published as they fill up, rather than being locked into any particular day. My prediction is that this will lead to more recruiting information. In addition, there will be more recruiting posts that are a little more than just updating the statuses of particular players.

And of course, as always, I welcome your mailbag questions, so send them in to the e-mail address on the right.


“Programming Update”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I will leave my mailbag question here instead.

    If Will Campbell does not enroll early at Michigan, can we take that as a non-commit?

    He said he would enroll early and isn't looking like he is going to... so we can assume he is not committing correct?

    If we don't get Big Will I will most likely cry tears of infinite sadness.

  2. Anonymous Obes Says:

    dude, what? no to everything you asked

  3. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    No. You wouldn't know until he commits and it looks like a Michigan lean no guarantees.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Okay, the kid said he was enrolling early if he went to Michigan. So if he doesn't enroll early at Michigan shouldn't that indicate that he is not going to commit to Michigan? Dude what? Maybe?

  5. Blogger chitownblue Says:

    Anon - it would likely mean that he hasn't made his decision soon enough to enroll early. Nothing more. He never said "I'm going to enroll early, specifically at Michigan, and late if I go somewhere else". The two (going to Michigan/enrolling early) are two unlinked decisions.