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Matt asks:
Though no BCS title game, if the Heisman comes down to a 2-man race (which it appears with Bradford and McCoy), do you think voters will vote the "I feel bad for Colt since his team got screwed" card?
I can't really think of an instance where that sort of of logic has come into play. On the contrary, it seems like the Heisman winner typically comes from one of the teams playing for the national title. Of course, the BCS mess is as big as ever this year, and I also can't think of a time where a team that got screwed to the degree that Texas is (in the eyes of some), all the while having a viable Heisman contender.

At this point, it appears that Sam Bradford's performance in the Big 12 Championship Game will determine whether it is McCoy or Bradford who ends up with the stiff-arm trophy. Considering the quality of the defense the Sooners face (Missouri is 91st in total defense and 80th in pass efficiency D), I imagine Bradford will get the trophy.

An Anonymous commenter:
If Will Campbell does not enroll early at Michigan, can we take that as a non-commit?

He said he would enroll early and isn't looking like he is going to... so we can assume he is not committing correct?
This question was actually answered pretty well by WLA-er chitownblue in the same comments thread:
Anon - it would likely mean that he hasn't made his decision soon enough to enroll early. Nothing more. He never said "I'm going to enroll early, specifically at Michigan, and late if I go somewhere else". The two (going to Michigan/enrolling early) are two unlinked decisions.
Campbell has stated his intention to enroll early at whichever school he picks. If there is no wind of his enrollment at Michigan by the time we would expect to know about this (and it would probably have to be fairly soon, as students are already registering for Winter semester classes), it shouldn't be a big deal. The important question is whether it comes out that he is enrolling early at another school. If not, it just means that he won't enroll early anywhere.

RJ says:
Looking at the video of Breaston in the NFL makes me think that we didn't use his talents well enough at U of M. On offense Breaston, was never utilized the way that the Cardinals use him now. It seemed like most of the passes he caught were short.
The old staff tried to use Breaston as a deep threat, but they never managed to get him to catch the ball over his shoulder on the go route. He was used over the middle in his time at Michigan as well. Essentially (especially in 2006, where he was one of the most underappreciated members of the team), he played a slot role (with some combination of Edwards-Avant-Manningham-Arrington outside). He would be a great fit in the slot in the new offense as well, despite not being sub-6-foot. I shudder with excitement when I think how awesome it would have been to have him at QB in the current offense.

Griffin Fraley asks in the comments:
On your recruiting board for 2010, where did you come up with the projected star ratings for the players? I'm looking at this link: http://www.fvsports.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=372&ltemid=94

Just curious if you have any other top 2010 lists i can look at.
I started with that list, then added a bunch of other prospects from other sources, assuming most of them were going to end up in the 3-star range. As I've heard more about particular prospects, I've either promoted or downgraded their rankings. I have also used the Scout.com 2010 instate rankings and Florida 2010 rankings from SoFlaFootball and the Varsity Sports Media Magazine.

For the most part other than that, they're wild-ass guesses from me.

Bob asks:
Does Michigan have an offer on the table for [Cameron] Gordon? On either side of the ball?
It's been reported on the premium site that Gordon got offered sometime last week. Sam Webb confirmed it to the non-paying world on today's WTKA recruiting roundup. This information will be included in the next recruiting update. Since Gordon has been insistent that he wants to play WR, I imagine they said he'd have a chance to contribute there, and switch positions if it didn't work out.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Hey thanks for answering my question.

    To be clear, I meant if Will did not EE at UM (and he said he was planning to EE wherever he went) then a non EE at UM would have to mean that he was not coming to UM... so I am glad you understood my question rather than getting all snark filled like those WLA characters tend to do...