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Charlie Weis's Return to Notre Dame Confirmed

As SMQ put it... And the rest of college football laughs and laughs.

At this point, it is clear Charlie Weis is not going to succeed as a coach on any large scale at the college level, barring a completely-unforeseen turnaround. This obviously affects Michigan, as the Wolverines play Notre Dame for the next infinity years.

In the more immediate timeframe, this means that Notre Dame commits like Chris Watt and Shaquelle Evans, who had considered Michigan late in the process, will remain off (metaphorical) board. However, even if Notre Dame reels in a good recruiting class for 2009, they are likely to FAIL once more in the next season, and it is more relevant that Weis is stockpiling talent for the next Irish headman (thankfully, not Brian Kelly immediately).

And now, some humor at Weis's expense:
Tim: charlie weis retained, and there is much rejoicing
Paul: do you think it was because kelly turned them down?
Tim: i dunno. i think they didn't want to develop a reputation of cycling through coaches before giving the new guys a chance, plus the buyout thing
Paul: so they're giving them the five years?
Tim: yeah, they give everyone 5 years, with necessary adjustments for melanin levels
Tim: charlie weis just went on a recruiting trip to hawaii. do you think he had to buy 2 seats on the plane?
Paul: hahaha
Tim: i'm just sayin'. the cost of that flight alone might have been worth paying the buyout instead
Paul: he may fit in with the samoan population
Tim: they are at least athletic and fat
Paul: yeah... CW has one of two. that's closer than he is to most athletes
Tim: hey man, MCL injury
Paul: true

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“Charlie Weis's Return to Notre Dame Confirmed”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    As a Michigan student, I am extremely excited about this news.
    Unless they are holding out to get Urb Meyer after next year, which like, kill me now.

  2. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    Headline on CNN.com: "Notre Dame brings back Weis, lowers standards"