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Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: Week 14

1 Alabama --
2 Oklahoma --
3 Texas --
4 Florida --
5 Penn State 1
6 Southern Cal 1
7 Texas Tech 2
8 Utah --
9 Boise State 1
10 Ohio State 2
11 TCU 3
12 Georgia Tech 5
13 Georgia 2
14 Cincinnati 2
15 Oklahoma State 6
16 Missouri 3
17 Michigan State 2
18 Boston College 2
19 Ball State 2
20 Iowa 2
21 Brigham Young 2
22 Oregon State 7
23 Pittsburgh 1
24 Northwestern 1
25 Florida State 7

Dropped Out:Ain't nobody.

Oklahoma over Texas because: Against common opponents, the two teams were approximately equal in victory against Baylor and Texas A&M. Texas was more impressive against Kansas by a slight margin, and Oklahoma was more impressive against Oklahoma State and Texas Tech by HUGE margins. The Sooners' schedule was also much more top-heavy, giving them a more impressive resume at this point.

Other potential problems: I'll admit I didn't go through and strictly resume rank at this point, though I may make something of an effort to do it over the next day or so. I don't like having Alabama at the top, but because I haven't done all the legwork in comparing resumes, I think it would be disingenuous to move them down at this point.

Everything else seems fairly straightforward to me, so comment away.


“Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: Week 14”

  1. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    I know you are gonna tell me to piss off, but when I look at polls, and look at how I would rank teams, when I have two side by side, I look for common opponents. And Oklahoma and Texas have a common opponent,,,,EACH OTHER, and Texas beat them. End of message. I can't fathom how, both with one loss, and having played on a neutral field, that game gets tossed out the freaking window. Texas won, Oklahoma lost. Texas fans should be screaming. They got screwed. It again is encouraging teams to pile on opponents, like Oklahoma did to Texas Tech. The BCS fucking blows. Sorry.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Texas beat Oklahoma on a neutral field. END OF STORY.

    If head to head doesn't decide who is better than what does?????

  3. Blogger Tim Says:

    How about a season-long resume built up?

  4. Blogger Jimmy Says:

    OU played a tougher schedule and won games more impressively than Texas. This is what you get when anonomous people decide where teams get ranked. Don't blame the voters for voting who they think is better, blame the system.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I'm sorry Tim, but I can't agree with your reasoning. Texas beat Oklahoma, period. Texas has done everything that has been asked of them. They've beaten every team they've played save one, the same as Oklahoma. I really don't think that how impressive Oklahoma has looked in other games matters much considering the fact that when the two teams met, Texas proved they were superior.

  6. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    Sure, sure, sure. But Texas lost to Texas Tech in the last seconds, in Lubbock, while Oklahoma got them in Norman, and TT just blew up that game. And yes, they blew up on O, because Oklahoma can't stop anybody. And Oklahoma/Oklahoma State was 44-41 with 10 to go. I agree that it is a season long endeavor, but like I said, when it is 2-3, or 7-8, or 20-21, I would think head to head would be the deciding factor. And Texas, if I recall correctly, put it to Oklahoma pretty good in that game. And Anon is right, Head to Head is it. If it isn't, why play the games. Remember, in College Football, every Saturday is a playoff. This is the system we have, and that is the way it is supposed to work.

    I don't expect you to change it, it just sucks.

  7. Blogger Tim Says:

    How can you play the "why play the games" card, while simultaneously suggesting that I ignore every single game each team played except for one?

  8. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    I am NOT saying to forget all other games. They both lost to top 5 teams, they have played basically the same schedule, they both deserve to be ranked in the top 5, obviously, but they already played, and UT won. It is not like Oklahoma got stunned by Nebraska, and Texas got bumped off by Colorado. Their resumes are almost identical, save that one point.

    Everyone is saying Oklahoma's schedule is so much better. How is that? Am I missing their big clash with USC this year. Texas beat a meh OOC by like 200-40, and Oklahoma beat a similiar meh schedule by a little less, I believe. Tell me where this huge schedule advantage was that Oklahoma had. Oklahoma's big game was TCU?? I think. And UT's was Arkansas. I would consider that a wash. The rest was garbage.

    I'm not trying to pick at you, just I don't see it. But I agree with yours waaaaaaaay more than mgoblogs. He's whacked ;)

  9. Blogger Matthew Hoelle Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Blogger Matthew Hoelle Says:

    Oklahoma beat Cincy and TCU nonconference, one of which is going to BCS bowl and the other could have (lost a tight one on the road to Utah). With Mizzou's loss, I agree that Oklahoma had a stronger resume not including that 3-game series with Texas and Texas Tech. The fact is that Oklahoma has no Top 5 wins (and Texas does).
    Plus, do not blame the pollsters. They did the correct thing (in my opinion) and bumped up Texas, but the computers had Oklahoma ahead (some of them even ahead of Bama which is silly) for exactly the reasons I indicated, nonconference wins over TCU and Cincy. (Sorry to repost, but serious typo)

  12. Blogger Matthew Hoelle Says:

    Florida State is playing quite well, like a Top 25 team, (and yes, Florida can dominate a good team like that), but I have to agree with UofM. How about Oregon, losses to 6 USC, 9 Boise, and Cal only?

  13. Blogger Tim Says:

    Common opponents:
    OK State
    Baylor A&M
    Each other


    Kansas State

    In conference, Missouri is the best remaining win, though Colorado balances out with Nebraska and Kansas State to make those about equal (epecially after Missouri lost to Kansas this weekend).

    Out of conference, Arkansas and Washington are excusable, because neither B12 team could have though a major-conference opponent like that could have been quite so terrible.

    Other than that, Oklahoma played a team that is going to a BCS bowl (and beat them handily) and another that is finishing second in the MWC, to a team that is going to a BCS bowl. Texas's next best team is... Rice?

  14. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    I forgot Cincy, but most of the Big East is forgettable. This is the whole problem. You start looking at opponents, and maybe even those opponents opponents, and so on, and so on. Fuck that. Take the top 8 teams based on Coaches/AP/Sagarin, and play them off. I say Sagarin, because of all the computers, his appears to be the least farked up.

    Maybe our new President-elect, when he is not busy trying to drag our economy out of the toilet, can get this done. If he does, I will officially register as a Democrat. All Hail Obama!!

  15. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    But Tim your argument is entirely based on conjecture. You say that because Oklahoma played (supposedly) better teams than Texas and ended with the same record, they are the better team. This would be useful if there were no hard evidence pointing to the better team, but there is hard evidence. Texas won when the two teams played, that should outweigh any other games you may be looking at.

  16. Blogger Tim Says:

    Uh, no. The point of my ballot (and the BlogPoll in general) is not to determine who is the "best team." If that was the case, USC would win every year, despite losing a fluke game. The purpose is to say who has the best season, decisions about which can only be made based on available evidence, i.e. the games played.

  17. Anonymous Andy Says:

    I'll admit that it is not an easy decision to choose whether OU or Texas should have the top spot. There are many reasons to choose each team. However, let us consider strength of schedule without regard to point margin. Despite a few inconsequential opponents, both Texas and OU beat the teams they were supposed to except: Texas lost to TTU and OU lost to Texas. One could possibly argue that the OU win over Tech cancels out their loss to Texas. Still, Texas beat Missouri, whom the sooners did not play. Furthermore, the OU win against Okla state was much more hard fought than the score margin indicates.

    Their #2 ranking cannot really be reconciled with the fact that OU lost to Texas and did not play Mizzou.

  18. Anonymous I know more than you Says:

    They played. Someone lost. Someone won. It was not fucking Oklahoma. Sorry. UT may suck, but not as bad as Oklahoma, cause they lost to UT. Sorry. And if Oklahoma wins the MNC, that is the biggest joke ever. THEY LOST.

  19. Blogger kowisja Says:

    Interesting read, not really a suggestion, but at least something to wrap your mind around:


    BCS poll based on Vegas odds.