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Rivalry Series: Michigan Beat Ohio State

Any Michigan fan knows that nearly any season can be salvaged with a victory over the hated Buckeyes of Ohio State. So, it must follow that any Michigan fan values the ability to watch some of Michigan’s victories over the Team Down South at any opportunity. Well, Michigan fans, the opportunity is now here.

Rivalry Series: Michigan Beat Ohio State is a 3-disc set of two of Michigan’s most important wins over Ohio State, and a bonus game from 1995. Of course, just say “two of Michigan’s most important wins,” and two contests against the Buckeyes immediately come to mind: Bo’s great upset in 1969 and the National Title-earning (and Heisman-sealing) victory in 1997.

The 1969 upset victory over one of the greatest teams of all time, in Bo’s first season at the helm in Ann Arbor, is part of Michigan lore. However, most Michigan fans have never had the chance to see this game in its entirety, and capture the magic of Schembechler’s boys turning the tide in sports’ greatest rivalry. The old general got the Ten Year War started by upsetting what Woody Hayes would later call “The greatest team I ever coached.”

As a relatively recent comer to Michigan fanhood, the 1995 game was not one I had known as a hallmark victory in Wolverine lore. However, in Lloyd’s first game against Ohio State, he pulled off what nearly every Michigan coach has been able to do in his first year: beat Ohio State. The Buckeyes were a juggernaut, as they were in most years of the Cooper era, but like most years of the Cooper era, the Wolverines prevented them from playing for a national championship.

The 1997 season in its entirety closely resembles Michigan fan nirvana, and the win over Ohio State may be its most satisfying victories. Charles Woodson notched a near-TD reception, a famous punt return for touchdown, and a game-sealing interception to seal the Heisman for himself, and the right to play for the national championship for his team. There are few things more satisfying than watching this game on endless repeat.

These DVDs put you right in the game, as they are the original TV broadcasts, with the added benefit of not having commercials. Unlike catching these games on the Big Ten Network or ESPN Classic, no game action is removed to allow for fitting into a neat 3-hour window. This greatly enhances the experience for the true college football fan. Just because a punt isn’t blocked or returned for a touchdown, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still an important play in the game.

If you’re a Michigan fan (or even a fan of another school, and you happen to hate Ohio State), this DVD collection is a must-have. And, in the spirit of rivalry week, I’ll give you the opportunity to get one! In the comments of this post, leave your prediction for the final score of the game between Michigan and Ohio State this weekend. The closest to the actual score will win a copy of Rivalry Series: Michigan Beat Ohio State.

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“Rivalry Series: Michigan Beat Ohio State”

  1. Blogger spybucks182 Says:

    OSU 38 Mich 10

  2. Anonymous Rosey Says:

    Michigan 24 tUOS 21

  3. Blogger Jim Harbaugh Scramble Says:

    OSU 24
    Mich 14

  4. Anonymous Dave P Says:

    m 17, o 16

  5. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    OSU 27
    UofM 17

  6. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Didn't want to create an account--so I'll give me Mgoblog handle of LJ. Sadly, I predict OSU 27, Michigan 10.

  7. Blogger phillip Says:

    M 20
    OSU 16

    ... and I drink myself into a stupor so that I can imagine this is actually the final score no matter what really happens.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Mich 42 OSU 28

  9. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Really surprised to see Michigan fans predicting against their own school in FAVOR of OSU.

  10. Anonymous santoro Says:

    That is why I am leaving no prediction. Although I covet that DVD, it is not worth dirtying myself by picking the bucks.

    Here's to the Blue closing out this abortion with all the heart they can muster..

  11. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    22-6, shitty guys that eat shit. But we can hope.