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Marques Slocum And Facebook: Part Duex

We've all seen glorious Facebook quiz that Marques Slocum put together. Luckily for us, the glorious union between Marques 'Grand Marques' Slocum and Facebook has not been severed. Rosey saw this pop up in his newsfeed and passed it along to me. For those of you with a login, login now and look at. For those of you who aren't down with social networking:

Click for largeness

There are so many layers to this group. It's like an onion that when peel away the layers it makes you laugh instead of cry. When my buddy sent me the link, I wasn't signed in, so I couldn't see all the info. The first thing I said to him was "Oh God, please let this be made by Marques Slocum." He apparently heard my prayers because when I signed in, there was his name under creator. I couldn't be more happy right now.

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“Marques Slocum And Facebook: Part Duex”

  1. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    I will now use 'EARLY!' to finish sentences for the rest of my life.

  2. Anonymous Oprah Says:

    no wonder why he couldn't hang in school. The kid can not write nor spell. Is this how he turned in his essays? And is it no wonder why so many blacks suffer in school? It's two fold. One is that they aren't taught how to communicate in a proper way and two, even if they are, there are those in the black community who deam it immoral to speak like a white man. They actually believe it's detrimental to have black speak and write normally because then it's like selling out to the white man. And they wonder why they are stuck in poverty.

  3. Anonymous Michigan Man Says:

    As a black guy myself this is an utter embarrassment but unfortunately not all black people view intelligence as cool they'd rather be gangster and try to imitate rappers who arent really living the hard core life themself just acting like it. As a Michigan fan I am certainly glad he no longer plays for us. This is not even the last thing Rich needs.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Losing Marques still haunts my dreams. We could have had this guy still around! Think about how awesome that would be...

  5. Blogger Paul Says:

    For the record, this isn't a broad social commentary on the status of inner city education or anything.

    I'm sure Mr. Slocum can actually write, but when imagining the prose for a facebook group named "REAL MUTHAFUCKAS SHOULDN'T HAVE 2 SAY NOHOMO," I don't see a need for perfectly constructed English.

    This group is meant (I'm pretty sure) as a joke. It's funny. Jokes are meant to be funny. Therefore Marques Slocum wins. QED MFer.

  6. Anonymous oriental andrew Says:

    1) Why is there a picture of Ruben Studdard holding up a convenience store?

    2) That actually took effort to read. Whether or not this page was meant as a joke, do people actually write like that? Seriously? I must be getting old.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    "I'm sure Mr. Slocum can actually write, but when imagining the prose for a facebook group named "REAL MUTHAFUCKAS SHOULDN'T HAVE 2 SAY NOHOMO," I don't see a need for perfectly constructed English."