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Blogpoll Roundtable

Hosted at College GameBalls.

1. By now everyone has heard that if there is a three way tie in the Big 12 South the highest ranked team in the BCS will play in the Big 12 Championship Game. That means the humans (66% of the BCS Poll) will determine the Big 12 South representative. Let’s assume Oklahoma sinks the pirate ship at home next week. Try to sway the pollsters by arguing which team you think should face off against the Big 12 North.

I'd like it to be Texas Tech, if only because they're certainly the most exciting team of the three. Of course, assuming an Oklahoma victory on Saturday, they're probably the least likely to head to Kansas City, on account of historical reputation (unfair) and having played two 1-AA teams (fair). Assuming that those two factors hurt Texas Tech too much, it's narrowed down to Texas and Oklahoma. In that case, the head-to-head result favors the Longhorns.

2. ESPN is aggressively bidding on the rights to the BCS when Fox’s contract expires after the 2009 season. My half baked theory is if they do win the rights they will push for a +1 system. Lucrative television deals have landed ESPN in bed with each of the BCS conferences. The revenue a playoff would generate could be a huge motivator for the four letter to be the common denominator and unifier among the conferences that finally helps them all to see the light of why a playoff would be good for college football. Help expand upon or debunk this theory.

A +1 system would likely result in a lot more revenue for ESPN, though it would certainly take away one thing for their analysts to complain about all the time. I think, however, that the current BCS system is a little too entrenched for ESPN to have that much of a say, considering their 3-year contract isn't exactly a show of ownership of the BCS system. I think University presidents (particularly of the BCS conferences) would have a slight issue with this, as it means there are 2 fewer at large teams, and therefore less money for their schools. A playoff is eventually going to happen, but I doubt ESPN's BCS contract is going to be the factor that turns the tide.

3. Rivalry week is around the corner. How do you think your team will fare? Feel free to talk a little or a lot of trash.

Bad. Nick Sheridan doesn't always equal death, per se, but his presence certainly implies some form of impending doom. I foresee nothing good to come out of this weekend's game with Ohio State.

4. And now for a little fun… Assemble your dream announcing team. Pick a play-by-play announcer, color commentator, sideline reporter and for the hell of it celebrity guest that drops on by.

I like the Nessler-Griese pairing, and if I could just eliminate Maguire, it would get exponentially better. I also like Chris Spielman, and it might be worth an experiment to throw him into that grouping. And, because I'm a sports blogger, I'm obligated to say Erin Andrews would be the sideline reporter.

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“Blogpoll Roundtable”

  1. Blogger Griffin Fraley Says:

    In an ideal world, I'd listen to Keith Jackson without anyone else allowed to talk ever