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Artis Chambers Leaves Michigan

As had been rumored for well over a week, sophomore safety Artis Chambers has decided that he will leave the Michigan football program. Chambers will seek a transfer to another school, he told the Free Press.

Chambers was a three-star recruit out of Fort Wayne Snider high school in Indiana. Growing up, Artis had dreamed of playing for Michigan, but as he became a recruited prospect, didn't think that would come to fruition. Eventually, Lloyd Carr offered him a scholarship, and Chambers was Michigan's second verbal commitment in the class of 2007. Along with Vince Helmuth and Ryan Mallett, Chambers enrolled at Michigan in January of 2007, and went through spring practices with the team.

Chambers gained some playing time on special teams in 2007, though his most memorable aspect was perhaps something that happened off the field. It was rumored that Michigan would be forced to forfeit the contest against Penn State after news broke that Chambers had possibly not fully completed his high school work before enrolling at Michigan. However, no further ramifications came to fruition.

When Rich Rodriguez became the head coach in Ann Arbor, Chambers was moved to linebacker, and was reportedly doing well in the spring prior to an injury. While he was returning to health, fellow safety Michael Williams was also moved to linebacker, where he improved enough to beat out Chambers when he returned, healthy. During the season, Chambers played primarily on special teams, with limited action at linebacker.

The Scholarship Count is updated accordingly.

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“Artis Chambers Leaves Michigan”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    It is strange that about a week ago I commented here saying "hasn't anybody considered that not everyone has bought in and isn't going hard"? and I got flamed for it.

    Recent events such as this and Minor's quote makes me think perhaps some of you haven't thought about this situation passed your maize and blue rec specs. I am Michigan fan and always will be, but it is insane to think that some of these guys tried to buy in and had second thoughts through out the season and didn't end up giving 100% Just sayin'

    -Adam, Mich Grad Student

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Ugh past not passed.

    Me = type too fast/ dumb.

  3. Blogger chitownblue Says:

    Did Michael Williams really play LB?

  4. Anonymous santoro Says:

    In my opinion that is not the reason for this abortion of a season. Sure, there were probably some loafers on this team, just like we all can agree there were loafers on last year's team, and many teams before that, and on most or all football programs across the country. I think every year every team is gonna be plagued with some over-hyped spoiled brats with overblown senses of entitlement (cough..Boren..cough Mallett) to some extent.

    Personally I dont think your point is invalid or stupid Adam, not that you probably care anyway, but just blown a bit out of preportion maybe. If I had to list my top 10 reasons why I think this season was a disaster, I dont think I would list "Team gave up" anywhere in there.

    Obviously Brandon Minor knows more about this football team than I do. But I watched every game this year, most of them in person, and my naked eyeballs (I stepped on my "maize and blue rec specs" in 2007) told me that this team fought hard in all of them, they just were not any damn good.

  5. Blogger Tim Says:

    chitown, yes.

    He and Chambers and even Brandon Harrison (sometimes) were used as linebackers.

    In the Okie package, it looked like a 3-3 much of the time, but the "extra" safety was almost always Harrison or Williams playing as a linebacker.

  6. Blogger chitownblue Says:


  7. Anonymous Anonymous Says:


    I respect your opinion, but I think it is different when you have a talented freshman who may not buy in (Mallet) as opposed to the majority (possibly) of the upper classmen not buying in. If your upper classmen aren't buying in that reflects on your team a hell of a lot more on your wins and losses than if a freshman were to do so.


  8. Anonymous TCBlue Says:

    On a more relevant note -- good luck Artis wherever your travels lead you and thank you for your time and effort as a Wolverine.