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2010 Recruiting Update 11-3-08

The Board.

IL WR Kyle Prater. A big outside wideout from Illinois.
MI OT Nate Coleman. The Livonia Franklin product was at the MSU game.

New Information:
WA QB Jake Heaps. Fluffy stuff.
IL QB DaRon Brown. Injury news.
VA QB Phillip Sims. Recruiting-y fluff.
CA RB Brennan Clay. Tate Foricer's HS teammate has reportedly been offered, and Scout confirms.
FL WR Commit Ricardo Miller. (Obviously incomplete) highlights from his junior year.
OH OL Matt James. Apparently offered, recent Notre Dame visitor.
FL S Marvin Robinson. Sam Webb says what many people who follow recruiting have been silently thinking: his coach is a nutjob. OK, when I originally typed that, there was no pun intended, but there's no way I can pass up "bucknutjob." Anyway, it seems like there might be a possibility of Marvin changing high schools.
FL CB Tyler Blandin. Cryptic Scout headline implies that there is much mutual interest between Blandin and Michigan - and he may help bring a couple other prospects in.

- First, Marvin Robinson: To anyone who's following his recruitment at all, it has seemed for quite some time that he has wanted to commit to Michigan, but something was holding him back. It's becoming more apparent that a batshit insane head coach is that hindering factor. Those reading the tea leaves think that he's all but committed to Michigan.
- At corner, it's starting to look like Lorenza Wood, Tyler Blandin, and Dior Mathis are the top three on Michigan's recruiting board. If they can get all three, I think they'd take them all and switch one (Mathis, perhaps?) to slot receiver.

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“2010 Recruiting Update 11-3-08”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Rumor is, and it is getting stronger, is that MRob is going to transfer from MHobbs. Wow, would you want that on your resume.?? And Mathis coming on the corner would be huge. This guy is a stud!