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2009 Recruiting Update 11-6-08

The Board

New Information
MD RB Tavon Austin. Will visit North Carolina this weekend, then decide between the Tarheels and UM. Considering he never visited Ann Arbor...
FL Slot commit Jeremy Gallon. Selected to the Army AA bowl, and named the district player of the year.
SC OL Quinton Washington. Selected to the Shrine Bowl.
IL OL Commit Michael Schofield. Der uberfluff.
SC DE Sam Montgomery. Selected to the Shrine Bowl.
MD LB Jelani Jenkins. Fluff.
SC S Devonte Holloman. Choosing between Clemson and Michigan for 5th official.
FL S Angelo Hadley. Deciding whether to visit Michigan with Mywan Jackson or not.
FL CB Mywan Jackson. Recently suspended for disciplinary purposes. Bad boy.

Travis Hawkins. Maryland commit.

Freep fluff on recruiting teammates. Sam Webb in the News about which recruits fans probably don't have to worry about.

Austin will be off the board soon, though that's no surprise considering he suddenly cancelled a Michigan visit early this year. It's sounding more like Michigan probably won't have a chance with Devonte Holloman. They'll get a shot at Mywan Jackson, though it sounds like Angelo Hadley isn't all that interested in Michigan (however, see the Freep article about recruiting teammates).

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“2009 Recruiting Update 11-6-08”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    What about this Pearlie Graves cat?

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    There hasn't been anything about him from free sources (that I've seen, at least).

    To be honest, I don't think he's that great of a prospect, and I'd actually be happier if we didn't end up with him.

  3. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    What info on Graves do you have that we don't? Rivals, (my money goes there every month) has him rated right with D.Jones. If DJ decommits, then Graves is a damn fine replacement. I think he is good, and an Oklahoma offer is significant, but he did have some grade issues that are now cleaned up, supposed to be at least.

    And something stinks about this Austin kid. Too many schools have cooled on his recruitment for everything to be 'right' with him. I remember SWebb basically saying UM would not get him, and it wasn't HIS choice. And his last comments were that West Virginia was in the lead, and now they are not even being considered?? What's up with that?

  4. Blogger Tim Says:

    If we lose Jones, Graves would be an adequate replacement. Other than that, he doesn't seem to have the upside that Jones has, and it sounds like he might want to make a decision before giving Jones a chance to decommit.

    Maybe saying I'd be happier without him was a bit of an overstatement, but I'm happier with who we have right now.