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Zoltan Mesko: Ray Guy Semifinalist

One of the few brights spots for Michigan on the field this year has been the exception play of punter Zoltan Mesko (it really is depressing to have a hand sign for the punter when he is trotting onto the field 6 times a game). Today, his efforts were recognized, as Mesko was announced as a semifinalist for the Ray Guy Award. Mesko is currently 10th in the nation, averaging 44.64 yards per punt, and if the NCAA released net yards per punt statistics, I'd wager he'd be even higher than that.

Zoltan is also multi-talented, as he took off on a fake punt for 13 yards and a fourth down conversion against Notre Dame, and can do things like this:

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“Zoltan Mesko: Ray Guy Semifinalist”

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    Video not available. :-(