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Vignettes of Penn State Part II

On Confusing Insults
Saturday morning we left the house where we were staying decked out fully in our Michigan gear. Before we even hit the street from the back door, we ran into a few a Penn State fans. One of these partisans pointed at the group of us and yelled "FAG! FAG! FAGGOT!" I think we responded with either "Go blue!" or "Keep it classy State College." Then the more we thought about, the more confused we became. Was there one of us who looked or acted some way to earn the extra syllable? Did one of us just seem more homosexual that that person deserved the full pejorative? By the end of the day we were arguing with each other about who was the full word. We decided it was Tim.

On Beaver Street some girls walked by looking really confused. As we got close to her she said "Who are all these yellow people?" We looked around quickly to make sure it was in fact referring to us. We were definitely the only people who could classify as "yellow." I'm not sure if her use of the term "yellow people" is common in State College to refer to Michigan fans, but we were not used to that use of the term.

On Hilarious Things Saved for All Time

This photo was taken on Foster between Atherton and Barnard.

On Things That Might Be Related
One really awesome feature on Penn State's campus is the Creamery. Both times I've made it down to State College I've stopped at there and gotten some of the best ice cream I've ever had. Unfortunately, there was no Peachy Paterno or Jay's Java Chip or Chocolate Marshmallow Morelli. I got bittersweet mint and Nate got vanilla. It was delicious as this picture shows:

On The Surprising Calm
We were pretty sure that Michigan was going to lose, but we also knew we wanted to hang out in State College Saturday night. In the unlikely event of a Michigan win, I would have been worried about some sort of murder-suicide, mob mentality sort of thing. To prevent this, we bought Penn State hoodies (if Braylon can do it, we can). After the loss we decided to see how excited the fans were about a fairly huge game in recent Penn State history. We threw on our Penn State clothes and headed out on the town.

Walking down the street, one of us would yell "WE ARE!" and listen for a response. Generally even with big groups of people there wasn't a huge response. Usually it was one or two people out of all of them. I'm not sure if it was a come down from the excitement and build up to the game, but many fans simply seemed deflated and relieved. I remember after the Wisconsin game this year or the Penn State game in 2005, Michigan fans were going crazy in Ann Arbor all night after the game. I'm not sure what was holding the Penn State fans down, but something certainly was.

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“Vignettes of Penn State Part II”

  1. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    Drunken, sleep/fingering-deprived ice cream is the best cream.