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Programming Update

No podcast this week, because the Sports Editor of [STUDENT MEDIA OUTLET REDACTED] is too important to answer his e-mail. This is unfortunate, because I've really been enjoying the podcasts, as well as the process of making them. Such is life, however, and we will move on.

Inside The Play for this week will be published this afternoon. It will focus on the Kevin Koger touchdown that helped spark the Michigan comeback against Wisconsin.

I hadn't been planning on posting the 201o recruiting board until after the season, and even when Ricardo Miller committed, I had hoped I would be able to delay. I figured the next commitment would come over the MSU recruiting weekend (a biggie, where I also originally expected Ricardo Miller to drop), and I would still be fairly timely by waiting until December. However, with two commits already in the class, I would be remiss to not publish what I've already been working on. I'll finish polishing it up this week and over the weekend, and you can expect to see the 2010 recruiting board sometime early next week. If you're dying for info before that, head over to Genuinely Sarcastic, whom I helped a bit with adding prospects to their board.

That said, don't expect to see 2010 recruiting updates with any frequency until after the 2008 football season ends. Once the 2009 class is signed, the assumptions (scholarship numbers, needs, etc.) for the 2010 class will be much more concrete, and the updates will come fast and furious (though at this pace, the 2010 class might be full by then).

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“Programming Update”

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