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Chatting with the Enemy: Rocket Man

This week we talked to talked to Jason Mack, the Sports Editor for the Independent Collegian at the University of Toledo, pictured to the right. I'm trying a new audio player, so let me know if you can see it. Enjoy:

UPDATE: I tried a new player and there's an issue with it. To get the blogcast, just right click here and select Save Target As.

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“Chatting with the Enemy: Rocket Man”

  1. Blogger kowisja Says:

    i can see it but its not playing.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    That picture should in no way find itself anywhere other than the pages of a freak book. Freak.

  3. Anonymous big brother Says:

    First, don't talk about my lil bro that way. Second, you sound like you really know your stuff kiddo.