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Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: Week 7

I apologize for the utter chaos contained herein. I literally have not had any time to look at my poll, and I don't even know yet if some of the teams I'm ranking won or lost this past weekend. Help me out in the comments, I'll watch more games, and everything should be sorted out by Wednesday.

1 Alabama 1
2 Texas 3
3 Penn State --
4 Florida 4
5 Oklahoma 4
6 Southern Cal 3
7 Georgia --
8 Oklahoma State 5
9 Ohio State 2
10 Brigham Young --
11 Utah 1
12 Texas Tech 2
13 Missouri 9
14 LSU 8
15 Kansas 2
16 Virginia Tech 3
17 Boise State 3
18 Michigan State 3
19 Florida State 3
20 Wake Forest 6
21 Pittsburgh 3
22 Minnesota 4
23 North Carolina 3
24 Oregon State 2
25 Northwestern --

Dropped Out: Vanderbilt (#15), South Florida (#16), Illinois (#18), Kentucky (#23).


“Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: Week 7”

  1. Blogger kowisja Says:

    Northwestern lost pretty ugly to State. Not sure if they were left there because you hadn't found a new #25 or what.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    How can you drop South Florida more than 9 spots and out of the poll despite having a bye week? Just because they didn't play, they get the mighty shaft? If they lose again to another unranked Big East team, them drop them out, but from #16 to unranked seems unfair for a team that didn't have a game this weekend.

    Go Blue!

  3. Anonymous I know nothing. Says:

    I got it

    Texas/bama/psu/uf/usc/okla/ok state/uga/byu/osu. Texas is 1 because Oklahoma is damn good. I watched that game. Texas is just better.


    Texas tech/utah/kansas/boise/missouri/lsu/vatech/msu/s. Fla/wake. Generally the same, just reinserted your oversight.

    Your final five is some hurried work.
    I have UNC. They are good. Played without their starting QB against ND.
    Minny. Big win on the road against Illini, and they beat them, no fluke. Watched that game.
    Ball state. Some love for the Mac, which has some good wins, and they blow those teams out
    Cal. Only loss was to Maryland, which looked bad at first, but a noon game on the road, and Maryland is looking better. And I think you where going for Oregon, not Oregon State. They are more deserving than FSU or Pitt.

    I watched a lot of football sober this weekend, and that would be my lineup. It should keep you out of the idiot columns on the roundup.

    And if you are looking for a sleeper team to plug into 25.....How Bout AUBURN!!! they are gonna get on a roll.