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Blogpoll Final Ballot: Week 5

1 Oklahoma 1
2 Alabama 15
3 Missouri 5
4 Penn State 3
5 Texas --
6 LSU --
7 South Florida 5
8 Brigham Young 3
9 Georgia 5
10 Florida 7
11 Southern Cal 10
12 Ohio State 2
13 Oklahoma State --
14 Auburn --
15 Utah 1
16 Texas Tech 1
17 Kansas 1
18 Vanderbilt 5
19 Illinois 3
20 Wisconsin 11
21 Boise State 3
22 Fresno State 1
23 Florida State 3
24 Virginia Tech 2
25 Wake Forest 6

Dropped Out: Miami (Florida) (#20), Clemson (#25).

Changes from Draft: Bama moves over LSU because their resume is much more impressive so far, same with Mizzou over Texas. I moved Penn State up some because I simply think they're good, not necessarily because their competition has been all that good (though they haven't let anyone come close yet). Georgia, Florida, Ohio State, and USC moved within proximity of each other, and they are ranked as they are because USC's loss was embarrassing, but they beat OSU, and because Georgia's loss was embarrassing, but Bama looks right now like a really good team. Illinois moves down slightly because they do have two losses, but both are to top teams. Wisconsin is back in, because their omission was nothing more than an oversight by me.

I'm still not enamored with my ballot. Next week, I'm going to start phasing out the "hybrid" and go more towards straight-up resume ranking.


“Blogpoll Final Ballot: Week 5”

  1. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    I don't really see USF being in the top 10. They eeked out a 3 point win over Kansas, yes, but also needed overtime to beat UCF and only scored 17 points on FIU, a team that's allowing an average of 32.7 ppg to other teams.

    I feel like most of the hype for them comes from the fact that everyone is realizing 'oh shit... the Big East is supposed to be a BCS team, but they all suck... um... pick one of the teams that hasn't lost (yet) put them high kinda high so the Big East doesn't feel bad.