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Anthony Fera Decommits

More bad recruiting news, as Anthony Fera has decommitted from Michigan.

As much as people think the position isn't particularly important for recruiting, we really could have used a good kicker in the 2009 class, and the mere fact that there is more attrition at all is a little unsettling for Michigan fans who follow recruiting.

We'll have to see where the staff goes with this, and I'll bring more info as it comes out.

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“Anthony Fera Decommits”

  1. Anonymous West Texas Blue Says:

    Brendan Gibbons, come on down

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Newsome, Campbell, McNeal, Fera. Something doesn't smell right to our highest rated recruits--maybe they know something we don't. What is it about our coaching staff failing to hold some of our highest-rated, most desired recruits?


  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    i have anthony as a friend on myspace. and he told me has has heard tons of bad things about michigan. sooooo, maybe the word of mouth isnt good.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    i've been looking at the chris sailer kicking site and it appears budzien could be the next one offered. he had a pretty good showing at their kornblue camp this summer