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2010 Recruiting Update 10-27-08

The Board.

Moved to Committed:

IL OL Andrew Schofield. '09 Commit Michael's lil bro.

New Information:
TX QB Darveon Trahan. Out for the year with injury.
OH QB/Ath Courtney Avery. He's not projected as a college QB, but he can really chuck the ball.
OH WR Tyrone Williams. Offered by Ohio State.
FL WR Commit Ricardo Miller. Despite the loss, his MySpace confirms he is more committed than ever.

FL RB Jakhari Gore. He's "A 'Cane at Heart." At this point, a Miami commitment appears to be little more than a formality.
MD CB Louis Young. Stanford commit.

Yeah, so I was expecting this update to be a lot more substantive, particularly in the "commits" section. Of course, the loss Saturday didn't help, but I was thinking Marvin Robinson (at least) was all but verbally committed to Michigan. We'll see how the recruitment for several of the top kids in attendance ends up playing out.

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“2010 Recruiting Update 10-27-08”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Didn't you hear? After Saturday everyone in the Rivals top 100 dropped their current commitments and are waiting to hear from MSU. They are the new powerhouse football factory because they beat us once in 18 years. I thought you would have heard that by now.