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2010 Recruiting Update 10-21-08

The Board lives here.

OH OL/TE Dakota Anderson. Michigan is on his radar.
From Jim Stefani (and Pahokee):
FL LB Zachery Allen.
FL DL Richard Ash.
FL DL Antonio Ford.
Also from Jim Stefani:
MD RB Malik Cross.
TN OL Zak Tait.
OH CB Seth Cunningham.

New Information:
FL WR Commit Ricardo Miller. He's still solid, despite the... struggles... of Michigan. Ricardo is also mentioned in the article about the rest of the Florida guys below.
OH LB Jordan Hicks. He is also a mid-level hoops recruit.
FL S Marvin Robinson, FL CB Lorenza Wood, FL WR Chris Dunkley. A bit of fluff from Sam Webb in the Detroit News, including that all are visiting for the MSU game this weekend.

This MSU game is obviously pretty huge for recruiting, and not just in 2009. If a few key 2010 guys were to drop (and maybe even a 2011?), it could get some positive momentum going. Again in this update, I want to make an effort to be as comprehensive as possible. That means the board will be a bit bloated for now, but hopefully I won't completely whiff on anyone.

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“2010 Recruiting Update 10-21-08”