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2010 Recruiting Update 10-13-08

The 2010 Board lives here.

New Information:
FL RB Jakhari Gore. He was on academic suspension from playing football last week. Might Michigan try to avoid an academic liability? He;s probably a lock to Tha U anyway.
MI TE Colin Voss. At this time, it appears he is more of a basketball prospect than football.
FL OL Jose Jose. Fluff about his being slightly less massive.
VA DT Derrick Hopkins. VT is likely his early leader. His older brother is committed to their class of 2009.
PA DE Darius Frantz. Has been playing with a broken hand his junior year.
PA LB Mike Hull. Something I had not previously realized: his dad went to PSU, and is something of a big deal. He would get a frowny face if I were into the MGoBlog smiley face thing.
FL S Marvin Robinson. Michigan is still considered the favorite. "Scout.com: Will Robinson be #3 in 2010?" This is the sort of headline that is almost always answered "yes" (with as much certainty as possible) within the article.
TX CB Adrian White. He has a Texas offer. Usually the Longhorns snatch up whomever they want in-state, so take this as a sign that he'll probably end up in burnt orange.

MI LB Max Bullough. In the shocker of the century, he commits to MSU.
FL S/Ath Matt Elam. The state's #1 junior has committed to Florida. This article on the matter implies that Chris Dunkley and De'Joshua Johnson are likely to end up gators as well.

Frequent commenter "i know nothing" helped me find a set of 2010 in-state rankings for Florida. I've taken it into account, (along with SoFlaFootball's 2010 rankings for the tri-county area), and when I re-configure somewhat, several of the prospects' star ratings will be adjusted, and I'll also add a bit of player information about them. Biggest surprise: Ricardo Miller is now looking like a lock to get 5 stars, save for the requisite hatred from being an early commit to an out-of-state school.

A bunch of 2010 guys visit Alabama.

Alex Shelton also wrote in to correct me on the name of Michael Dyer's school. It is "Little Rock Christian," not "Walnut Valley Christian" as it had previously been on the board. It shall be fixed soon.

Bullough and Elam aren't surprises to their respective schools. A lot of guys are on the board for the sake of being all-encompassing, rather than who is actually highly likely to end up committing to Michigan. They will be weeded out by their commitments to other schools.

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“2010 Recruiting Update 10-13-08”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I know it is 2009, but Rivals is saying Loston and Holloman both have decommitted from Clemson, official as of today. Woo Hoo. We need them both.

    If Gore goes anywhere other than the U, something must really stink about this kid.

    And Lo Wood, I have come to learn, who is visiting UM with Jeremy Gallon, his teammate at Apopoka, played last year with RMiller at Dr. Phillips HS. Two connections there. And some random UF posters have said this kid is the real deal. More woo hoo's.

  2. Anonymous Bob Says:

    Tim, the above post stole some of my thunder but what do you think about Michigan's chances with many of the decommitters out there?

  3. Anonymous i knew nothing Says:

    0000000.0000000001%. So a long shot at best. Holloman is not coming NORTH, and Loston never thought about it. But Lo Wood is the man. Sorry for stealing your thunder. And all of this is not premium.

  4. Anonymous Obes Says:

    you'll probably know this by the time you see my post, but mcneal's gone. not that big a deal IMO