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2009 Recruiting Update 10-30-08

The Board.

New Information:
MD RB Tavon Austin. Has a top 3 of Michigan, North Carolina, and WVU.
MI DT William Campbell. Sam Webb still thinks Michigan ends up grabbing him (audio). Scouting reports on him and his teammates.
MI RB Teric Jones. Scouting report (same as above).
MI S Thomas Gordon. Scouting report (same as above).
MI WR Cameron Gordon. Sam Webb News fluff.
SC S Devonte Holloman. May make a commitment without getting a chance to visit Michigan. It sounds like Michigan is no longer under consideration, though different sources have said otherwise recently. He'll stay on the board for now.
FL S Vladimir Emilien. Michigan the team to beat? (audio). He's deciding November 23rd.
FL CB Jayron Hosley. Doesn't sound like Michigan is really involved at all. Also, all-access video piece.
MD CB Travis Hawkins. He's deciding today. Final four of PSU, Maryland, Oregon, and Michigan. Maryland and Oregon are the likely final two there.

TX S Craig Loston. LSU Commit.

In the audio above, Sam Webb gives a little treatise on Michigan's in-state recruiting in 2009. His feelings are essentially the same as mine, in that people are making a big to-do when there is no substance to the "allegations."
Freep fluff on the senior recruits at the MSU game.

I've been wondering for some time if Michigan will get back in on Cameron Gordon, if only to help with his junior teammate, Devin Gardner. It appears as though he's resigned to ending up at linebacker, though Michigan may be filling up at the position. Who knows how it'll end up, but I wouldn't mind seeing Michigan go after him at least a little bit more.

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“2009 Recruiting Update 10-30-08”

  1. Blogger Bob Says:

    Tim, Do you think Michigan will look at Cameron at WR now that they need a bigger WR in this class with the loss of McNeal?

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    I'd assume they might have the ability to snag an elite wideout in the class, but if they can't, they might try Gordon out at WR.

  3. Blogger RJHOVE Says:

    IMO TAVON austin would be better than a scholarship kicker with how much upside he has...not saying necessarily one that can make 60s but we ll take what we can get.

  4. Anonymous jacques auef Says:

    Gut feeling is that Devin Gardner will not be coming to U of M. With two QB's coming in the possibility that one will redshirt (Beaver), I don't think Gardner will find UM desirable.

    And Tim, you didn't mention that Taylor Lewan is coming in for the Northwestern game (assuming he's coming in with Roh). I have a very good feeling that if he likes what he sees and his testicles can handle the cold unlike D. Peace, he will be blue! We need more fast and mean O-linemen who play with passion!!!

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I was reading a scout article about Marlon Brown (I think). He said "I can't be worried about the cold. When I make it to the pros I can't be worried about playing in the cold. It isn't even an issue."

    I thought this was a pretty good point from a high school kid. It makes me think a little less of Peace as a recruit in a way... whether that is reaonable or not. Some kids find reasons not to compete and other kids don't. I prefer the later.