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2009 Recruiting Update 10-16-08

The Board.

Moved to Committed:

Moved from Committed:
MN WR Bryce McNeal. Decommitted Monday night.

SC S Devonte Holloman. The former Michigan target has decommitted from Clemson. Potential visits include Michigan.
TX S Craig Loston. Also a Clemson decommit. Michigan was in on him early, but they may not be a player anymore. He'll get a little time on the board until we can figure out if he's a viable target.

New Information:
MI DT William Campbell. He's set his visits. Sam Webb reveals what they shall be.
LA DT Commit DeQuinta Jones. He's looking around a little bit. Might it result in a decommitment?
AZ DE Craig Roh. His game this Friday will be broadcast over the internet. You can find it at aia365.com. Just as a disclaimer, I couldn't gt this site to work properly during the week, so don't get your hopes too high.
MD DE Jason Ankrah. Visiting PSU for the Michigan game this weekend.
MD LB Jelani Jenkins. He has trimmed to 15; Michigan is in.


A sort of state-of-the-recruiting class statement from Josh Helmholdt in the Free Press.
Not on the board because he's technically still committed to Florida, but Nu'Keese Richardson still intends to visit for the Michigan State game next week.


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“2009 Recruiting Update 10-16-08”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Thomas Gordon is not on the board as committed. I thought he was, or did he decommitt? New to the site but love all the insight and info!