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Wichita Falls Rider on ESPN2 Tonight

Hear ye, hear ye.

Come one, come all to your television sets to witness the Wichita Falls Rider Raiders take on their rivals from Sulphur Springs, tonight at 9 on ESPN2.

The Raiders are helmed by University of Michigan commit Shavodrick Beaver, and they look to get on the right tracks after falling to Cedar Hill last week.

VB will have an AWESOME FULL GAME REPORT on Beaver's play later this weekend.

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“Wichita Falls Rider on ESPN2 Tonight”

  1. Anonymous Garv Says:

    Be aware this game is also on www.ESPN360.com along with most everything ABC or ESPN have covered this season. It's not only been great for us non-cable subscribers, but it's a nice way to see the replay at your own leisure in the days we're waiting for Saturday.

    FYI-both UM games are still posted for replay.