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Well... That Just Happened

So... that was a full-on Yakety Sax performance. Even with the threat of sounding like a huge homer, there was a lot of good in the game.
  • Threet looked like a solid QB. Between the throws down the field and how he took off on third and long for a first and goal, he made a lot of good decisions and the execution was there.
  • McGuffie is the real deal. I thought Shaw may have been the better TB after Miami, but McGuff was absolutely filthy all day.
  • The fade is a hard pass to defense
  • Stevie Brown made one or two mistakes. He also made a couple plays.
  • Special teams FTL!
  • Notre Dame spends it's TV and Bowl money on the refs.
There will be more in depth analysis when I watch the game sober. Is it to mean to make a yakety sax montage for Michigan? I'm serious, it might be cathartic. Let me know.

UPDATE: Can I legitimately make fun of Weis for getting Paterno'd when Michigan got housed? I have ideas...

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“Well... That Just Happened”

  1. Anonymous Cool Blue Says:

    Lets not forget the bonus of Weis getting his knee blown out. That was awesome!

  2. Blogger UofMSnowboarder Says:

    Getting Paterno'd would be what Paul was talking about in terms of the knee thing...

    The corners played very well, from what I saw. One or two BS Pass Interference calls on legit plays saved Clausen from a very bad day.

    So many fumbles... can we really blame the weather on all of them? Certainly not the first few.

    I'm with Paul though. The offense looked pretty good. Hell, the OL had it's moments...

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Before you start writting bullet points accepting Stevie Brown's performance, go back and watch the tape.
    Every big play against the D so far this year I ask, "Where was Stevie?", and every replay confirms my suspicion.
    Sitting the bench a few games may be the best thing for him and team at this point. (Sadly won't happen)
    I didn't know a DI player could play a postion so poorly.

  4. Blogger Keegan Says:

    Yes, you can make a Yakety Sax montage. I would feel better, plus we deserve it. Yes, you can make fun of Weis getting Paterno'd as long as you show Jabba the hut in a split frame getting choked to death.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    - Threet - you are getting better. Yes! Sheridan - you won't be playing much after this year, so I guess you're cool.

    - McGuffie!

    - No Yakety Sax for UM. It's better to pretend these things never happened. Especially when someone from ND is going to make a video..

  6. Anonymous Benaa Says:

    Ugh, but...we kicked their asses.

    In all measurable offensive stats we dominated.

    Team Stat Comparison
    1st Downs: 21 - 14
    Total Yards: 388 - 260
    Passing: 229 - 147
    Rushing: 159 - 113
    3rd Down Conversions: 4-12 - 3-12
    4th Down Conversions: 1-2 - 0-2
    Turnovers: 6 - 2
    Possession: 32:12 - 27:48



  7. Anonymous tbliggins Says:

    I thought the only bad calls were the PI before the long TD and on the Grady fumble. The PI was horrible and, even worse, extremely late. Inexcusable. The Grady fumble I thought should have been blown dead for forward progress. He had 3 guys draped all over him when it was stripped. Slow whistle helped ND there. The non-TD catch was too close to overturn IMO.

    It sucks going into SB w/ a young team AND not getting any breaks. Recipe for disaster, which it pretty much was.

  8. Blogger Geoff Says:

    I vote for Yakety Sax. A wry nod to all of yesterday.