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The Utah Game in Allusions

Having taken advantage of one of the more "liberal" offerings of LS&A, political science major with a minor in philosophy to be specific, I constantly try to validate the classes I took by using what I learned in "real life." So... a college football blog isn't quite "real life," but it's close, so I'm going to break down portions of the Utah game using a wide swath of Western culture (no offense to Eastern culture, but I didn't get much of it).
  • Nick Sheridan is Hector of Troy: Their histories are a stretch to match, although one was a son of king, the other a son of coach. They were both intelligent, gritty and determined, and somewhat respected. Hector died fighting a battle he had no chance of winning, a one on one duel against Achilles. Sheridan, apparently, had no chance of being an effective quarterback. The Utes did not proceed to drag Nick Sheridan back to their encampment behind their chariot, but they embarrassed him all the same.
  • The Offensivee Line is the (Spartans at Thermopylae)-1: Oh, inverted, uh metaphor. I think the weird part was that the offensive line was as effective standing still trying to draw an offsides call as they were trying to block. While the Spartans valiantly stood at the pass and held off the oncoming horde to give the Greeks enough time to prepare a their Navy for a decisive victory, the Michigan offensive line could not hold off the Utes for [insert QB] to get to the mesh point with [insert RB]2. (Note: just because Michigan State fans have latched on to the movie 300 does not mean Michigan fans have to ignore the city-state)
  • The Second Half Defense is the French Army under Napoleon pre-1812: The Napoleonic army was very modern for it's time and had very well trained soldiers that used rather advanced tactics. He was rarely defeated in battle and wreaked havoc on his enemies. Scott Shafer is taller and every bit the tactician. The defense in the second half played lights out and looked to really confuse the Utah offense. Many times faking retreat and flanking hard.
  • The First Half Defense is All Other French Armies: The Utes marched right through Michigan's Arc de Triomphe at will.
  • Stephen Threet is Lennie from Of Mice and Men: I'm not calling Threet mildly mentally disabled. From everything I have heard he is an exceptionally intelligent, nice guy, but bear with me here. Lennie was fairly lovable. George always talked about leaving him on his own, but never could bear to abandon the adorable lurch. Something about Lennie kept George around. Lennie was also fairly effective at his various jobs, but didn't have the higher level subtleties down. Seems fairly accurate right? Now, there's an obvious difference in scale, but Lennie accidentally choked a women to death and his best friend ended up killing him, while Threet accidentally overthrew some passes and ended up losing the game (Note: he is not solely responsible for losing the game, but he did not win, so therefore...)
So there you have it. Hopefully this isn't an example of Michigan arrogance...

If enough people like this, it could become a weekly thing.

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“The Utah Game in Allusions”

  1. Blogger kowisja Says:

    quite literary. quite.

  2. Blogger Mike Says:

    I was thinking the team as a whole reminded me a bit of Rocky 1. We came out and surprised them with that one early strike, then got the crap beat out of us until the second half. Bruised and battered, we refused to go down and started to shake an absolutely exhausted opponent to the point where they were close to going down. Even though both Rocky and UM lost, neither one really leaves a horrible taste in the mouth after the first half.

  3. Blogger kowisja Says:

    chunkums, you relate everything to rocky...