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Threet vs. Sheridan: the Zone Read

I'm not too sure what can be drawn from these plays. The sample size is rather low. Obviously Threet is more successful, but he also had more plays as well as the first plays where Miami apparently forgot that in this offense the QB sometimes runs. It could be that Threet has a more convincing fake, but that could be a reach. What do y'all think?

Talking with a friend of mine, they each had maybe 1/2 to 1 full misread, which doesn't seem terrible. Anyone with more football knowledge feel free to correct me.

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“Threet vs. Sheridan: the Zone Read”

  1. Anonymous Jacques Auef Says:

    Mich might have a better chance of getting into the endzone by picking off Clausen than relying on it's own Qbs! :P

  2. Blogger gsimmons85 Says:


    not sure who this "friend of yours" is, so i may be speaking out of line. BUt it is entirely possible that the missreads are either 1. predetermined calls-alot of offenses early in the season will predetermine the give or keep, in order to keep the qb confident and the offense stable. 2. Semi-predetermined calls.. offensive coaches may be saying we want you to give unless hell breaks out, or we want you to keep it unless 5 guys are keeing you, etc. once again early season, i dont put much stock in how well the qb's are reading the play, becasue we dont know exactly what the coaches are saying to them...


  3. Anonymous Benjamin Says:

    Paul, good video. Very interesting.

    What is a "1/2" misread?

  4. Anonymous Cal Says:

    cant help but see all that space on the sideline and whish for a quicker qb. HURRY TATE!! but that being said(not knowing much about the system) i agreed with almost every read they both made. awesome video

  5. Blogger kowisja Says:


    It was me so not out of line at all. The one that I thought was the misread or "stall" was the second. Again, I'm not sure if it is a designed handoff inside, but there is an apparent delay forcing the play to the inside where it collapsed fairly quick. There appeared to be a crease created on the far side of the play.

    The other play I was considering came on the one with the corner that gets highlighted in the short zone. I think he made the right read (if it was a designed read as opposed to hand off). When looking at his looking at his carry at 0:23, it appears to be the same zone coverage but he chose the keeper. I'm not sure if Miami tipped zone in this play as I can't really see the safeties, nor am I football experienced enough to see anything else that would indicate differently. Just found that interesting.

    As far as your comment on whether or not the coaches are saying hand it off more or keep it more, that's a good point. It does appear after the second keeper there is a lot less hesitation in handing it off, nor were there many keepers after that.