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Taylor Hill Leaves the Program

Linebacker Taylor Hill, a freshman from Youngstown, Ohio, has apparently decided to leave the Michigan football program.

Hill was recruited as a linebacker, though he played primarily defensive end in high school. Because of this position change, it was expected that he would have to take a redshirt in 2008 to learn the new position. It is unknown whether difficulty with this learning process contributed to his decision to transfer, but it certainly couldn't have helped him decide to stick it out.

Initial reports came from his Facebook, page, but have been independently confirmed by a second source today. It appears as though Hill would like to be closer to his home.

It is unclear where Hill will end end (nor is it 100% that he will leave at this point), but we wish him the best of luck wherever that may be.

I'l wait until there is real confirmation from the coaches or Sports Information Department before updating the Scholarship count.

UPDATE: From the Facebook page of Taylor Hill:

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“Taylor Hill Leaves the Program”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    It is never a good thing when a
    6'2" 4.5 second 40 running, 4 star LB leaves your program to be "closer to home" when he is from Ohio! I am not at all happy about this news...

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I love how the one group of people (athletes) who have the most to lose by using Facebook, end up using it as their basic means of communication with each other.... (and it's not just Football players). Pathetic.