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Recruiting Update

Ed. Note: The premium sites are now reporting otherwise on Gordon's decision, fyi.

The Board has got it all, man.

Moved to Committed:
AZ DE Craig Roh. Hooray, a(nother) defensive end commit! Local article.

New Information:
LA WR Rueben Randle. DeQuinta Jones's teammate has Michigan in his top 5, along with LSU, USC, Bama, and Miami of Florida.
TN Marsalis Teague. Michigan is situated just outside his top 4, and may receive an official visit.
FL S Jonathan Scott. He wants to set up an official for the Toledo game.
FL S Vladimir Emilien. Official for the MSU game.
FL CB/QB Mywan Jackson. When the headline is a question like "Is Michigan on Top for Mywan Jackson?," the answer is always "yes" or "they're in my top group, but I don't have a favorite."

CA WR Shaquelle Evans. Committed (albeit softly) to USC.
OH RB Darrell Mason
MI RB Hersey Jackson
MN WR Fritz Rock
LA LB Jonathan Stewart
LA LB Jonathan Pippin
MS S Dorian Berry
VA CB Javanti Sparrow
So, I removed a bunch of guys that don't seem to be on Michigan's radar.


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“Recruiting Update”

  1. Blogger Chris Says:

    I read that Shaq Evans denied commiting and it still in play for U of M and that Gordon decided to delay his commitment for now.

  2. Blogger MRG Says:

    Tim - Could be wrong, but based on this:
    It seems Gordon is postponing his announcement.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Link for the board isn't working.

  4. Blogger chitownblue Says:

    I still don't understand the principal of "soft commit".

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    What about Jelani Jenkins?

  6. Blogger Tim Says:

    What about him? There have been no new articles lately, and therefore nothing to report.

    No change from the latest update on the board.

  7. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    Gordon delaying is a really, really bad thing. Seeing as his best friend is Will C., and he has stated he is going wherever Will goes, and that now MSU seems to be very much in play for Gordon, watch out. Looks like alot of folks are going to be really wrong here!!

    And there is not going to be much to report on Jenkins until he announces. He seems to be happy being a High School football player, and is not into all of this recruiting hype. We should be happy that UM is still in it, with 4 or so other schools.

  8. Anonymous Obes Says:

    know nothing: no, he's delaying because he was gonna visit Michigan this saturday and now can't because he has a game that was pushed back to this date. calm down everything will be fine.

  9. Blogger MRG Says:

    From today's "Recruiting Roundup":

    Gordon - Is considering more visits (Minnesota and Illinois(?)). Might still change his mind and commit sooner rather than later if he gets antsy that an someone like Emilien is going to take his spot. Still hasn't talked to U-M coaches about rescheduling this Saturday's trip, which might influence his decision timing. His trip to MSU and his revised announcement timing were purely coincidental.

    Jenkins - Dad says that U-M is definitely in Jelani's top group. Not necessarily his top team, but his top group. Only other teams specifically mentioned as also being in this "top group" were Maryland and Illinois.

    Now my speculation, I think Shaq Evans is denying a commit just so he can take visits, a la Campbell. Much like U-M is #1 for Campbell at this point, USC is #1 for Evans. Again, IMO.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Why go hard after Mike Gilliard when you can go hard after Jelani Jenkins, who is rated higher AND not already commited?

  11. Anonymous I know nothing Says:

    I feel better now. I also just caught webb on the podcast. I believe that Gordon is worthy of a 'ship, but being WC's teammate helped. I am looking at it like an 'Of Mice or Men' scenario, I just can't figure out who Lenny is. And if it is a choice between Vlad or Gordon, I would pick Gordon every day of the week. I don't believe you can beat getting a kid who already loves UM.