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Recruiting Update 9-7-08

Moved from Committed:
MI DT William Campbell. If he doesn't end up back with Michigan, it will hurt. I think his status hasn't changed too much. Wasn't he always planning on taking 5 visits? Sounds like a little sensationalism from Rivals.

OK RB David Oku. After being removed a few weeks ago, David Oku is going to consider Michigan once more, and no longer is looking at at Florida State.

New Information:
NC OL Travis Bond. Some recruiting, but mostly fluff.
OH OL Chris Freeman. His recruitment has gone completely underground. He also sat out Trotwood Madison's game this weekend.
SC DE Sam Montgomery. Sam Webb in the Detroit News fluff. He will definitely take a UM visit.
VA DE Will Hill. Now holds an offer.
MS S Dennis Thames. He's suffered a slight knee injury. It's not severe enough to require surgery.
GA S/QB Donavan Tate. He changed his mind, and will play football this year. I'm still doubtful he hits the gridiron in college, and he teeters on the brink of removal.

IL OL Patrick Ward. Will decide next week, and Michigan is not in his final group.
AR CB Darius Winston. Recommits to the Hogs. It was expected, so it doesn't really hurt that much. It's more like a shrug and "on to the next guy."

TX S Craig Loston. Will he visit UM? When these questions are in the header, the answer is almost always yes. For now, the VB policy of not including elsewhere-committed prospects on the board will be upheld.

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“Recruiting Update 9-7-08”

  1. Blogger kowisja Says:

    Removing Jaamal Berry might better follow the policy of not including elsewhere committed players.

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    Good call. I knew I had missed one.