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Recruiting Update 9-16-08

As always, the board.

Moved to Committed:
NJ DE Anthony LaLota. Woo! A defensive end!

FL LB Mike Marry. Michigan shall make his next cut (info in header).

New Information:
OK RB David Oku. Never mind about deciding this week: he has delayed his announcement yet again.
FL QB Denard Robinson. Still feelin' Michigan (info in header) despite the multiple QB commits.
SC OL Quinton Washington. Official visit for Wisconsin game, and Michigan looks surprisingly strong in his recruitiment (Sam Webb audio).
AZ DE Craig Roh. Sam Webb thinks he'll end up at Michigan, unless Rick Neuheisel is particularly slimy (audio).
SC DE Sam Montgomery. Has decided which 5 schools to visit, including Michigan.
MI S Thomas Gordon. Announcing in a couple weeks, and MIchigan looks good (audio same as above).

2008 MI DE Nick Perry qualified on time, and is now at USC. It was thought that if he failed t qualify, Michigan might be back in the picture for him.
2008 NJ LB Marcus Witherspoon ended up at Rutgers, where he will be eligible to play this year.
FL DB Corey Addison. He is thinking about an official visit to Michigan. His commitment to SoCar will leave him off the board for now, but keep him in mind.

Michigan finally grabs a defensive end. If they can grab Craig Roh, a huge weakness will be accounted for at the position.

As of now, I expect to see Roh, Will Campbell, Thomas Gordon, and maybe another guy or two to finish out the class.

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“Recruiting Update 9-16-08”

  1. Anonymous I know nothing. Says:

    So after visiting scout.com today, are you still feeling good about Big Will? or better, or worse? Just a question. Gordon needs to commit.

  2. Blogger Bob Says:

    Marcus could really play this year? I'm sure he will redshirt but I thought for sure he wouldn't be allowed to play this season.

  3. Blogger Pteradactually Says:

    What is the deal with Spoon? How can he play at Rutgers but not UofM?