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Has William Campbell Decommitted?

Conflicting sources reports that Michigan has lost a commitment from william Campbell. Campbell is the highest-rated recruit in the Wolverines' class of 2009, but Michigan has always known that he was planning to take official visits to other schools.

If that is the case, then how could he "open up" his recruitment? It seems that to make himself any more open, he'd practically have to state that Michigan is out of the picture for him. Otherwise (as it has been all along), it would seem that he is a soft commit, with Michigan merely a leader among an elite group of schools.

Insert Thor pic here for mega-lolz.

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“Has William Campbell Decommitted?”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I have to say I'm somehow not surprised. It doesn't make sense that you'd want to take visits somewhere while being fully committed to your school. This is why they need an early signing date for football to avoid ridiculous stuff like this.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I feel like throwing up!!!

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    This is either a case of piss poor reporting by the services, Rivals with their front page picture and all, or the kid has decided that M is no longer the solid leader that it once was!!

    Yes he was interested in taking officials, no harm in doing that, i mean they pay for your trip to LA and Fl. Who would not want to go, but he has always claimed that M was the solid leader. But now with rivals putting out this scoop it looks as if teh solid lead is no longer the case.

    Scout seems more coy....they are playing the guessing card...so i really don't know what is going on...can VB guys give us a quick summary of the content from the premium sites!!!

    Hope this is not another chapter in the Scout Vs Rivals pissing contest...and if in fact the kid is no longer solid then i don;t know what to say,...i mean we are kinda thin at the position....have a good recent trend of getting kids in teh pros and a new and aggressive DC. If he is falling for the RROd runs the 3-3-5 BS then he is dumb, i am sorry!!! Hope i am wrong!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    rivals says campbell is decomitted. he said that he'll most likely end up at u of m, but he IS decommitted for the time being. FWIW

  5. Anonymous Obes Says:

    don't freak out about this decommitment