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Chatting about the Enemy: Notre Dame

Unfortunately, we were not able to secure a phone interview with a representative from Notre Dame. Instead of having a polite, respectful interview with a member of another school's media, we took a different approach. Enjoy:

Special thanks to Comrade Dex from Wolverine Liberation Army. Keep fighting the good the fight.

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“Chatting about the Enemy: Notre Dame”

  1. Blogger kowisja Says:

    Damn queries at Notre Dame.

    Best worst mental image ever.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I don't know if this is a joke I am not getting, but I am seeing nothing.

  3. Blogger Paul Says:

    Uh... there should be a little flash .mp3 player between the two lines of text. You have to have javascript enabled. If that's the case, sorry I didn't provide graceful degradation.