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Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: Week 2

1 Southern Cal 1
2 Ohio State 1
3 Oklahoma 2
4 Georgia --
5 Florida 2
6 Texas --
7 LSU --
8 Penn State 2
9 Missouri 2
10 Wisconsin 1
11 Auburn 1
12 Alabama 2
13 Oregon 2
14 Oklahoma State 3
15 West Virginia 7
16 South Florida 3
17 California 5
18 Utah --
19 Kansas 5
20 Texas Tech 6
21 Arizona State --
22 East Carolina 4
23 Illinois --
24 Wake Forest 5
25 Miami (Florida) 1

Dropped Out: South Carolina (#16), Brigham Young (#20), Colorado (#25).

Games Watched: Michigan-Miami U, Ohio-Ohio State, Minnesota-BGSU, Notre Dame-SDSU, Ole Miss-Wake Forest, West Virginia-East Carolina, BYU-Washington, Miami of Florida-Florida, Battle of Directional Floridas, Penn State-Oregon State, portions of Arkansas-ULM.

Again, I'm not married to this order, but I'm actually more comfortable with my preliminary ballot this week than I was last week.

Wake and South Florida both looked bad in wins, hence their dropping (and BYU looked bad enough to drop completely out). For anything else, let me know if something seems to be amiss, and I'll adjust accordingly.


“Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: Week 2”

  1. Anonymous I know nothing! Says:

    I guess I can't see punishing UF for a win against a down, but still fast and rival Miami, while osu drops 1 for that performance. OU looked good, if not great, and Georgia, probabaly still adjusting to some d-line changes, beat the best in the MAC. I'm going like USC, UGA, OK, UF, OSU, and that is not just hatred of OSU, just the fact that their O-line looked alot like UM's. Bad. Just my thoughts.

  2. Anonymous I know nothing! Says:

    Sorry, one more. You note that you watched the WVU/E. Carolina game. How many drinks had you had? Because the team I watched is not deserving to be in the Top 20. Around 22-23. Awful performance. And I think if you look at all the stats from the previous week, their offense has a ways to go.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    East Carolina destroys West Virginia this week, and beats Virginia Tech last week, and you only have them at 22? How can they be ranked below West Virginia?

  4. Blogger kowisja Says:

    having watched the kansas/louisiana tech game, kansas did not look good despite the ridiculous stats. Well, other than that catch and insane yards after catch after 5 or 6 broken tackles by briscoe.

    Miami is my major question mark. Is this part of your "how you think they will do against their schedule" inflation?

    I'm feeling less confident about Auburn as well, but I don't see anyone below them worth promoting.

    What did CAL do to move up 5?

  5. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    agree with the ECU-WV the data is there you can move WV back later in the year, but for now you have to have ECU ahead. Move BYU down for struggling on the road, but OSU only 1 for that debacle against Ohio.

  6. Blogger Mike Says:

    I agree with everyone on East Carolina. They beat a top 25 team then absolutely smoked a top ten team, all while holding the White-led offense to 3 points.

  7. Anonymous The Dude Says:

    Uhhh, Dude? West Virginia is totally awesome and all, but how could you have them ranked ahead of a team who absolutely crushed them? Is it the magic of Bill Stewart? Or are you just trying to pacify WVA so we can hire their coal mining coach?