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Recruiting Update: The Triple Ocho

New Information:
CS DE Chris Bonds. Top 6 (Michigan is oviously in it, considering they have secured a visit).
AL CB Dre Kirkpatrick. Takes in an Alabama practice.
GA LB Devekeyan Lattimore. Old, but super fluffy to a hilarious degree.
FL RB Vincent Smith. Video fluff.
MS DB Dennis Thames. He will be on display at some county fair or something.

OK RB David Oku. The 2009 Noel Devine has dropped Michigan in an effort to get to a decision faster.
FL WR Rontavious Wooten. Will choose between two non-Michigan schools.

Sam Webb talks defensive end recruiting (audio). Cass Tech is going spread this year. It couldn't be any worse than their offense was against OLSM when I saw them play last year. The ESPN 150 was released. Relevant persons:
65. Bryce McNeal (82)
91. Isaiah Bell (81)
147. Kevin Newsome (80)
5. Dre Kirkpatrick (90)
9. Jelani Jenkins (86)
10. Rueben Randle (86)
21. Shaquelle Evans (84)
22. Sam Montgomery (84)
25. Darius Winston (84)
38. Darren Myles (83)
43. Branden Smith (83)
48. Morgan Moses (83)
67. Craig Drummond (82)
77. Gabe Lynn (82)
78. Marcus Hall (82)
86. Craig Roh (82)
88. Donavan Tate (82)
123. David Oku (81)
132. Eugene Smith (81)
140. Chris Bonds (81)
141. Tate Forcier (81)

It's utterly ridiculous that Will Campbell is not even in the 150, seeing as how he's a no-brainer 5-star to both of the other sites, and ESPN spoke breathlessly about him following the Penn State Nike Combine. Just another hit to ESPN's recruiting credibility (as though they needed one). Their reasoning:
Dominating the combine circuit without pads during one-on-one drills (geared toward the defense) does not give an accurate description of a DT's ability to truly play the position. When comparing Campbell against the 10 DT's that made the 150, we felt he wasn't in the same class talent-wise. He didn't display the ability to be as explosive as the DT's above him.
If you're looking for which idiot at ESPN to complain about, this was said by one Billy Tucker (side note: Campbell's explosiveness is one of his greatest strengths, besides natural size, of course).

Oku's removal is sad, but maybe warranted considering the thousands of RBs Michigan has recruited. Same goes for Wooten and slots. Other than those two guys, not a ton of action this week. In the next couple updates, I may start removing prospects that are highly unlikely to end up at Michigan (I'm lookin' at you, Hersey Jackson).

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“Recruiting Update: The Triple Ocho”

  1. Anonymous Jacques Auef Says:

    Don't count Oku out yet...seems some Ahole coaches have been planting negative recruiting seeds in his ear.

  2. Blogger Tim Says:

    I heard that too. I'll address the situation on Monday.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Man that sucks about Oku, I was almost planning on seeing him in maize and blue next year... he seems like a perfect fit here.