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Recruiting Update 8-28-08

The board can be found here. I'm still trying to decide which days/how often to post recruiting updates. Until I settle into something of a rhythm during the season, I'll just post them as the post fills up.

New Information:
MI WR Cameron Gordon. He is in no hurry to make a decision. I wonder ig Michigan will pursue him a little stronger now that they want his 2010 teammate Devin Gardner.
TN WR/DB Marsalis Teague. He may take a Michigan visit.
MI TE Dion Sims. Still hasn't made up his mind, but his current choice is basketball over football.
GA TE Terrell Mitchell. Michigan is outside his top 3 (SoCar, WVU, Kentucky). With the Wolverines not really planning on taking a pure TE, he may be close to removal from the board.
CA OL Michael Philipp. USC starts showing some interest.
MD LB Jelani Jenkins. Michigan will make his next cut (Sam Webb Audio). Sounds like Michigan made quite an impression on his visit.
NJ DE Anthony LaLota. No longer planning an early decision, Michigan official tentatively scheduled for Wisconsin game (Sam Webb Audio, same as above).
AZ DE Craig Roh. Sam Webb fluff from the Detroit News. Remember, Roh is officially visiting this week.
SC S David Sims. Michigan out of his top 5. It's unclear from the article whether that is "top" or "final," so he remains on the board for now.
Also: Vincent Smith and Brandin Hawthorne have moved up their announcement(s) from their game Saturday to tomorrow.

KY DE Trevor Foy. He is down to a final 2 of Purdue and Louisville.
MD OL Brennan Williams. Down to a final 3 that doesn't include Michigan.

MI DT commit William Campbell:Uh... yeah.
IN LB Commit Jordan Barnes. Fluff from the hometown paper.
Plantation, FL guys all plan to graduate early, take the info just in case Michigan nabs one of them.

If anyone manages to catch the Miami (Oh) game against Vanderbilt tonight, e-mail me your thoughts. I's on ESPNU and I won't be able to make it somewhere to watch.

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“Recruiting Update 8-28-08”

  1. Blogger kowisja Says:

    My Thor!

    Excellent picture for a Thursday post... seeing as it was named after Thor in the first place.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    NIIIICE pic of my man Williams, he is going to be my favorite oplayer rather quickly to be sure. Also, JENKINS JENKINS JENKINS JENKINS!!!!

  3. Blogger Brian Says:

    Sure you saw this at Rivals, Tim, but the "Michigan out of the running" story from Brennan Williams was debunked.