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Mike Barwis for President

More of a "video piece" than a "podcast" per se. I don't think people will complain. (Note: there's a NSF word around the one minute mark)

Thanks goes out to GoBlueWolverine for one of the video snippets, our comrades at Wolverine Liberation Army for the paragraph in the opening shot, and this particular Barack Obama ad, and Ace of Sports (citing Adam Rittenberg) for the inspiration.

Also, there is a frighteningly robust community on YouTube of... wolf fans... ...?

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“Mike Barwis for President”

  1. Blogger Ace Says:

    This is tremendous. The movement grows...

  2. Anonymous Ninja Football Says:

    Nice work. There can never be too much Barwis pron.

  3. Anonymous James Says:

    More Barwis pron? A gift from a Mountaineer to you. Enjoy:


    (BTW, it's not the Fiesta Bowl, obviously, it was the Sugar Bowl pregame)