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Midweek News

After John Ferrara moved to the offensive line, there were questions about why it was necessary. The reason? Corey Zirbel appears to be out for (at least) the season:
The position move comes on the heels of the realization that guard Cory Zirbel likely will miss the season with a knee injury.
"It's pretty significant," Rodriguez said. "We're not even hopeful he'll be able to return this year."
Though it was known that Zirbel and redshirt freshman Mark Huyge were injured, the extent of Zirbel's injury is more severe than Michigan can really afford. Huyge is week-to-week with a high ankle sprain.

In other injury news, Freshman slot receiver Terrance Robinson will also miss a couple weeks with injury. This likely means that Michael Shaw, Sam McGuffie, Toney Clemons, and Very Horn will get more playing time at the position than was expected.

On a lighter note, the Bowling for Brock event to aid Elliot Mealer's brother was last night, and the Free Press has a photo gallery.

Mixed reports out of Utah camp on whether the offense is struggling...
or doing as well as expected.

Just over a week away from the season, time to start getting really excited.

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“Midweek News”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Aren't bowling shoes required in Ann Arbor?