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I Love the Big Ten Network

As a college football junkie, nothing is more pleasing to me than being able to watch the game every day of the week as I await the upcoming season. Yes, this even includes the 2002 Purdue-Iowa game that I am watching at 2:00 in the morning. Of course, there is also a lot of crap, and they have no idea how to run an internship program, but being able to watch college football right now is a godesend.

Screw you, Comcast, for robbing me of this experience for a year. And screw you even more for acting sanctimonious about carrying the network now. everyone knows you're full of crap, why try to lie about it more?

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“I Love the Big Ten Network”

  1. Blogger Bob Says:

    Now I wish Time Warner would get their head out of the sand, so the rest of us can enjoy it!

  2. Anonymous Fred Says:

    Fuuny how you have it now your blaming comcast ... when all this crap was going when you didnt have the BTN you was blaming BTN ... lol ... how funny and I think it is funny all the people that kept comcast and time warner ... lol... some people are clueless and just stays with cable because they believe all the crap and all the money they spew.

  3. Blogger Paul Says:

    I don't think we ever blamed the Big Ten Network. We have complained about some aspects of the Big Ten Network, but that was always in the context of a nascent network that was working out the inevitable kinks.

    As far as keeping Comcast and Time Warner, I don't think my landlord would be too keen if I were to put a satellite dish on the side of my house. Some people don't have a choice.